5 Bathroom Energizers

Getting up in the morning, especially in the middle of winter, is never easy. Discover this host of rejuvenating skin care products and transform your morning skin regime. We guarantee there will be no more walking around in a daze after using one of these!.

On top of being great for waking you up first thing, you’ll also find that these grooming products are great for taking care of common skin issues like shaving rash and razor bumps.

Molton Brown Recharge. Packed with natural vitality, this shower wash recharges you to the core, giving you an instant wake up. You can rely on the amazing fragrance to stay strong through the day, keeping you feeling (and smelling) fresh and squeaky clean!

Nickel Boost Facial Scrub. This facial exfoliator for men scrubs off the dead skin cells that can cause lifeless-looking skin. Great for preparing your skin for a shave.It is formulated with mint (organic, of course!) so creates a cooling, refreshing feeling – ideal for early morning.

Verbena Lime Pre Shave Oil.Preparing for your shave always pays off, and this oil is just the thing to do it whilst waking you. Has oil never been part of your skin care routine? You don’t know what you are missing out on. Perfect for sensitive skin, this citrusy pre-shave oil makes shaving a much more pleasant experience. Perfect for waking you up just in time for shaving.

Anthony Logistics Astringent After Shave. Blow the cobwebs away with this refreshing toner for normal or oily skin. As well as waking your skin up, it also controls shine and tightens pores to keep your skin looking healthy.Towel off after your shower, and apply this body splash for the ultimate refreshing feeling.

Aramis Classic Body Splash. Use this after your shower and you’ll be wide awake in no time. With a strong cooling sensation and classic Aramis scent, this is a great product to get you ready to face the day.

Too many men use only the products they are used to and never anything new; discover what’s out there with one of these super-refreshing products. If you want to try just one, go for the Molton Brown Recharge you won’t be disappointed.

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