A Few Tips To Grow Your Hair

Growing hair fast is a task that requires patience and persistence. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be troublesome, just that you will have to pamper your hair more than before. Nourish your hair both from the inside and the outside and it will reward you with fast growth for it.

To start with some general things, hair washing and conditioning can significantly affect the rate of hair growth. If your aim is growing hair fast, then you will have to apply deep conditioner to your hair once every week. A good recipe for a deep hair conditioner is a whole, whipped egg rubbed into your scalp and rinsed off after twenty five minutes. In addition, you will have to supply your body with some supplements such as vitamin B complex and cod liver oil if you wish your hair to grow to its maximum.

Apart from this useful, general advice, you can also follow some Ayurveda hair growth remedies. This 5000 year old Indian philosophy will make growing hair fast a piece of cake.

The first Ayurveda hair growth advice is to maintain a healthy diet. Some excellent hair food consists of leafy green vegetables, juicy fruits, dairy products and coconut. As for dairy, milk and yoghurt are enough for a hair boosting effect. Fresh coconut can be grated and sprinkled over fruit salads or rice. Processed, refined, canned and fatty foods should not be on your dietary list. These foods contain preservatives and additives which have nothing but harmful effect on your hair. Greasy foods should be most strongly avoided by people with oily hair types. Ice cold drinks will also hamper hair growth as they slow down digestion and metabolism of the body.

Growing hair fast can be made easier with the use of some spices as well. If you haven’t considered black pepper to be nourishing to your hair, start thinking so. Cumin, black pepper and turmeric will not only make your food tastier, but they will also improve your hair growth. If you are a fan of cooked vegetables, prepare them with a teaspoon of ghee or olive oil to which a quarter or an eighth of teaspoon of any of these three spices has been added. You can spice up your yoghurt with some roasted ground cumin or black pepper as well.

And there you have it a little advice on how to help with growing hair fast. Follow these and enjoy the benefits they deliver.

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