Bed Frames – Considerations To Look At

A great number of modern furniture beds come with ornate frames that are extremely appealing. When buying frames, it is important to select the ones that would suit your personality and be sturdy enough for you to enjoy them for long. Below are some tips that you could use to get the right frames for your beds.

Before we go over the guidelines, we need to first identify what bed frames are and their functions. Frames for beds which are also referred to as bedsteads are bed parts used to hold mattresses or foundations set off the floor. They are commonly made from solid wood or metals. Aside from holding mattresses however, bedsteads also protect beds from bugs and dust particles.

When you are going to buy frames for your contemporary furniture beds you should always opt for quality materials. Frames made from solid wood such as oak, maple, mahogany and teak, as well as metals such as brass and wrought iron are good selections as they are durable. Do not choose frames made from inexpensive particle boards or those that are stapled together. It would be more preferable to choose frames assembled with screws and dowels.

Do an in-store inspection when you are checking on prospective bed frames. As embarrassing as it may sound, it is important for you to lie-down on the bed to actually evaluate the sturdiness of the frame and its ability to support weight. When you carry out your inspection you need to make sure that you are comfortable while lying or sitting on the bed, as well as listen carefully if the beds are producing squeaky noises when you are getting out as these noises are signs of poor construction. It is also vital to check the casters on the corners and middle of the frames to ensure that they could support enough weight; good frames could hold at least two to three standard weight mattresses.

Select the right size of bed frames. At a minimum, lend extra two feet of space on the sides of your bed, as well as when measuring your floor space always include the headboard. Although mattresses are frequently standardized in size, make sure that yours would perfectly fit in your preferred frames. While huge frames are attractive, they aren’t necessary if you are saving space; bigger frames could surely crowd your bedroom.

Bed frames provide long-lasting foundation for beds especially if they are constructed from good materials such as solid wood and metals. Today, frames come in a whole range of designs and finishes that could complement any bed type. Frames that are sleek in design are appropriate for contemporary furniture beds. On the other hand, a platform bed demands for space-saving bedstead in the form of low profile bed frame.

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