Can Hair Grow Faster?

Hair does grow when it is cut or trimmed because the split ends are eliminated and this process stimulates growth as well as eliminates further damage. When your mane isn’t cut in a long time your mane becomes damaged and splits which stunts the growth of your tresses. So want to know how to let your hair grow? Well I will show you just how to do it in this article.

Hair generally grows about a half an inch a month and sometimes faster or slower depending on many different variables. Each individual has a different pattern that their hair grows in. The rate of hair growth will depend on your age, sex, and part of the body. Fact is your tresses tend to grow a little faster on women than men. And as you begin to age the rate of your mane growth slows down.

Hair growth can be increased by preventing its breakage. This is done by keeping your tresses well nourished and the scalp stimulated through massage. Wrapping the mane at night with a scarf can prevent damage. This is because during the night as you sleep your head turns back and forth on the pillow causing breakage and split ends. A scarf will prevent these tears from occurring. You also want to stay away from excessive heat by using hot curling irons, flatirons, and blow dryers on a regular basis. Use cold air to blow dry hair, and curlers to curl your tresses.

If you want to know how to let your hair grow fast then you need to know about nutrition. Nutrition is an essential part in keeping your mane growth consistent. Eating the right foods is important to your overall health which includes the cells that produce new hair follicles. Make sure proteins and iron is eaten every day hair is fragile and can easily be damaged if not cared for correctly. So nourish your mane and let your mane grow.

And there you have it, simple suggestions on how to let your hair grow, follow them consistently and you will grow long hair fats.

Mane growth can slightly vary between different individuals dependent on several different variables. On average your tresses grow approximately half an inch a month. This is an average and can be improved upon. With age the rate of growth slows down. It can slow down to 0.1 inch a month. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help speed it up again.

The cells dividing are responsible for the growth cycle. The newer cells push the follicles out to make your tresses longer. Then the new follicles are added onto the root of the old hair. There are approximately 100,000 stands of hair on each individual head. Your tresses fall out daily and are replaced daily at about 100 strands a day. When the replacement hair is not being produced anymore you will experience thinning hair. Your mane goes through three different phases of growth; Anagen is the first of the phases where the new hairs are growing in the bulb, Catagen is the second stage where your tresses stop growing because cell division stops at this phase, and Telogen is the last phase where the new follicles grow in the papilla and the old tresses begin to fall out.

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