The Best Type Of Utility Cart You Can Buy
So you are the guy who likes to putter around in his garage or workshop. Ever notice how you always have to go get something that is on the other side of the room? Then you are going to love this mobile polymer Utility table. This thing is made to eliminate that searching for what you left over there.

This cart utility table is 31.4 height, and 32×19.2 shelf WxD. It is only just over 19″ wide and on a set of 4″ swivel rubber casters that are non-marking. You can load this thing full and it won’t bend or break because the construction is made of a hard Polymer. With Polymer you can spill anything, drop anything, and place up to 250 pounds on it without worry.

This is a great looking utility cart that can be a time saving addition to your work space. Options include a utility basket and a drawer and they are both removable. The utility cart is assembled without the use of tools. It is a threaded assembly. It is both sturdy and reliable.

Cart utility devices add much to a work area because of their ease of maneuverability within a defined space. They can with the caster wheels be turned in any direction so you are not locked into forward or backward movements. You can pull them sideways and at an angle. This comes in very handy when you are in a tight spot and need to move a direction other than forward or backward.

A mobile polymer Utility table gives you the added convenience of not having to worry about spillage onto the cart itself. With metal and many plastics, you will get rust or possible degradation of the cart itself from having some types of fluids spilled on them. With polymers, this is not the case. And they are extremely hard so as to resist damage from dropped items and striking them with tools.

So if you are looking for a handy item for your shop or garage that will save you both time and money, try our mobile polymer Utility table. It will make your work load less by allowing you to easily move tools, heavy items, or parts from one area to another with ease. This is one item that can help you save time in not having to chase down items. You can place on the cart and have right beside you while you are working on your projects.

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