Choosing Furniture Style

When it comes to choosing furniture style, people are inclined to decide between three major styles – Casual, Contemporary and Traditional. These main categories can also be subdivided into minor styles. Casual style includes American Country, Rustic and Cottage, Contemporary style includes Minimalism, Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern. Traditional style includes Colonial Revival, Victorian and Neoclassic.

Further I am going to present you an outlook of three major furniture styles:

Casual style can be difficult to distinguish. It is due to the fact that there are plenty of ways that casual style can be expressed. As a matter of fact Rustic style includes natural looking wood furniture with ornaments and carving. Rustic accessories aim to express wildlife or nature. Cottage style can be distinguished by white furniture that can be antique combined with accessories including details of lace, florals and pastels.

Contemporary style featured by neat living spaces with open space as a part of the overall design of the room and by clean lines. In the interior of this style neutral or black colours prevail. Contemporary style can be distinguished by geometrical or architectural details, its neat surfaces and minimally dressed windows.

Traditional style is characterised with padded furniture which goes in combination of shaped and carved wood. Decorative fabric details are also observed. There are lots of accessories used, but placed in a specific manner making the style look formal. The colours used are not bright and contrasting, furniture has mostly pastel accents.

Choosing your furniture style can be a daunting task and will take some creativity and thought. Most people like specific features and elements of all styles. And there are people who think that if they purchase everything they like at the moment, it can somehow be combined when furniture is delivered. In this case, people often find out that they have a mish-mash furniture style in the end. So, it is recommended to plan ahead the furniture style that you are going to choose.

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