Cosmetology In The Struggle With Unwanted Hair On The Face.

In this article I wish to tell about cosmetic procedures of facial hair removal.

Plucking hair with pincers.

Plucking – is an inexpensive, but painful procedure. Plucking is the best method for fight with the vegetation on the chin. However, you should keep in mind that plucking can result in the fact that facial hairs can grow thicker.

Waxing for hair removal.

Waxing – the most prevalent method to remove facial hair. The result lasts for a long time. It fits for those who have low and average degree of hairiness. Removal with sugar and some other exotic ways of hair removal are similar to it.

In the shops there is a wide choice of wax, designed specifically to deal with hair on the face. This procedure can also be performed in a beauty salon.

Disadvantage: facial hair has to grow enough that they could be removed with wax. You will have to be with a mustache for some time!

Decolouration of facial hair.

On the one hand, this method of removing facial hair – is simple and cheap. On the other hand, this procedure can easily cause irritation, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Besides, you will have to search a good means for bleaching.

Cream for depilation.

Cream for hair removal in the struggle with the hair on the face is recognized as one of the most inefficient options, and here’s why. First of all, such a method of removing facial hair does not give a lasting result. In the second place, depilatory cream can cause irritation. Thirdly, darker and thicker hair may begin to grow on the face.

Depilatory cream has no effect on the hair follicle, so do not expect a long-term exposure!


Electrolysis – is the most efficient way to remove undesired facial hair. It gives long lasting results, as upon the procedure it is broken the hair follicle with weak amperage pulses. To achieve the desired result it will be necessary 5 – 6 procedures, and it is advisable to do them in a beauty salon.

Drawbacks: The procedure can be painful, specifically for people with sensitive skin. Furthermore, sometimes, where there were hairs barely visible scars are left. Electrolysis – is a rather long and Benefits – quickness, virtually painless, hair is removed forever (although it would be required multiple sessions), besides, there is a few contraindications.

During the procedure, the beam of the apparatus transmits a definite amount of heat to the hair follicle as a result of it is destroyed and the hair stops growing. This procedure has a narrow-beam impact; it does not irritate the skin around the treated surface.

There are gossips that these types of hair removal fit only for very black hair. However, progress does not stand still, and now there are machines that can remove hair of any type – very light and very thin.

Drawbacks: it is very costly! True, laser and photo-epilation in the area of whisker is the cheapest.

In the end I want to remind the truism: never shave your hair on the face. Yes, it’s the quickiest way to cope with it, but you do not want to be scratchy after it!

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