Definite Kinds Of Hair Lenthening

There are myriads of various sorts’ hair extensions available today, like weaves, clip in, adhesive grounded fusion and metal tubing.

Clip in hair extensions are not damaging and simplest to fix. Clip in hair extensions can give you more length, texture and also allow you to add colour. You fix them into your own hair by separating your hair and beginning at the nape of the neck. The amount of clips you utilize is up to you depending on the volume that you require. You just clip the extensions to your own hair, working your way up your head.

Another form of synthetic hair extensions is bonding. This is when your real hair is sectioned and the extensions are fixed to your natural hair and painted with a bonding solution, this seals the extension around the hair. Such form of hair lengthening is able to last up to four months, after the four months the bond begins to loosen. This kind of lengthening must be attached by a professional as they can be quite hard to perform at home yourself. If done with your own efforts the attachments may be difficult to handle and you get the risk of damaging your hair and moreover having uneven length that will seem un-professional.

One other method that you may or may not be aware of is when it comes to hair lengthening is the fusion method. This is when 20-50 strands of natural hair extensions get warm protein glue placed on them and a plastic template separates sections of the hair, keeping it away from the scalp. Each piece of hair extension is fixed with glue to your natural hair and the fixing of hair to hair extension is pulled through a hole in the plastic pattern. You should roll the extensions and you’re natural hair together until a smooth bond is formed. Such kind of hair extension is quite a long process and has to, with no exceptions be made on clean, washed hair, with the absence of conditioner, otherwise the extensions won’t stick appropriately. When the time comes to remove hair extensions that have been fused on you should always get it done by a specialist as the bond between the hair and extension must be softened and cracked; this is done with fusion remover and peculiar tools.

There are lots of other forms of outre hair extensions, but the ones described above are the most common and the ones you are most likely to come across when searching for the right type for you.

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