Discover Why Afro Caribbean Hair Needs To Be Treated With Care.

While it can be said that a large amount of Afro Caribbean hair is tightly curled, almost to the shape and design of the number 9. This style of hair is not unique to the Afro caribbean alone. It is also shared to some degree with the Hispanic ethnic groups.

It is now more often than not understood that these types of hair require special treatments. Products that will add moisture, repair, protect and also help to strengthen the hair.

Most hair salons will understand the special process that is required when dealing with Afro Caribbean hair. It is now pretty much common knowledge across the globe. Anywhere from your local Hairdressers in Grays England, to a hairdresser in Florida, things are now improving for the better.

However there are 6 main types of problems that invariably plague Afro Hispanic hair. The first commonly known one is Hair Breakage. This is usually caused by chemical treatments, like colouring and relaxing. Physically brushing and combing the hair constantly, blow drying and styling with constant high heat.

Dry Hair, in our opinion this is the number one problem facing our ladies today. Dry dull brittle like hair, caused by too much chemicals and thermal treatments. This allows the hair shaft to swell. This is in the main due to the hair follicles curly number 9 shape, not allowing for natural sebum to migrate down the hair shaft, causing hair dryness.

Split Ends is another factor one should consider. This is caused by heavy brushing and combing. Not enough hair conditioning, too much sunlight. Sea water, swimming pool water and the applying of chemical treatments can and will change its consistency , which undoubtedly leads to further breakage. Not forgetting cuticle abrasion, erosion or split ends.

Hair Trauma, is in the main caused by excessive UV exposure, hair weaving, hot irons and continued brushing and combing.
Strand Thinning, is usually most definitely caused by thermal treatments and the use of chemicals.

Dry-Itchy Scalp, Like the skin on your body, the scalp renews itself every 28 days by shedding dead cells and allowing new, healthy ones to emerge. The scalp needs moisture, without this, the skin is immune to product build up and sensitivity in the scalp region.

Because of the natural curly shape and design of afro Caribbean hair, the hair is easily altered because of its dryness. For quite a few number years it was thought that Afro Caribbean hair grew slower than other racial hair types. Now it is common knowledge that this is just a myth, the hair breaks well easily because of dryness.

So one needs to be very careful when committing your time in any your local hairdresser, whether it be hairdressers Grays Essex England, or hairdressers in New York, it doesn’t matter.

The question remains are they treating your hair right? Are they using the right products in your hair. Remember it is your hair, so don’t be afraid to ask the right questions.

In order to combat against dry hair, a good soft moisturized hair is what is needed. Firstly you need to shampoo and wash your hair once maybe twice a week, using products that are suitable for dry hair.

Then it is every bit as important to condition the hair at least once a month, concentrating mainly on the ends of the hair.

It is suggested to use products that are very natural to Afro Caribbean hair, like natural oils that are similar to the body’s natural sebum. On a daily bases without fail, moisturize your hair with oils or creams for that healthy good look.

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