Do-it-Yourself OPI French Manicure

Of all the fashion that came and went in nail designs, the French tip remains a classic. French manicures are usually just the white nail polish brushed over the tips of your fingernails, following the curve where your nail beds end. Over time though, French tips have evolved in color and style. OPI nail polish offers two-toned color combinations to give the classic nail manicure that you like a twist.

Try these easy-to-follow French manicure steps:

1. First, make sure that your nails are all cleaned and buffed. There are two common ways to shape your fingertips for this type of manicure: one is curve-tipped and the second is the square-tipped.

To achieve the former, snip off both sides of each nail at a slight angle carefully and then follow shaping them in a curved fashion with a nail file. To accomplish the latter, take a nail-cutter and clip off part of the nail at the center part, carefully leaving either side untouched. Follow by shaping the nails square rather than curved.

2. Apply a base coat for your nails or if your nails easily break or tend to peel, use two coats of OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener prior applying nail polish. (Currently, OPI has six nail strengtheners and you can research which one is appropriate for your nails.) For the base, apply a pink coat that most closely matches your skin color. Among the colors that women usually pick are OPI’s Bubble Bath, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Hawaiian Orchid and Tickle My France-y. Apply a second coat after the first one dries.

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3. You can now apply the white tip. For this shade, you can try OPI’s Creme of Crete, Alpine Snow or Swedish Nude. There are two common ways to apply the white tips. One is applying it without guides and the other is using manicure guide stickers. If you want to apply the coats without guides, you need to have a steady hand and follow the curve of your nail beds.

4. Finally, apply a top coat for a shiny finish and let dry.

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