Excessive Face Sweating

Perspiration is a unfortunate requirement for humankind. It helps us to maintain a continuing internal body temperature and therefore serves an essential function in our well-being. But sometimes, as in the case of excessive face sweating, things go wrong.

When something affects the facial region, psychological consequences often match physical consequences to create double of stress for any sufferer. Because everyone can see the face, excessive facial sweating can be a particularly difficult condition for people to handle psychologically.

Overview and Causes of Excessive Face Sweating

Excessive facial sweating is called facial hyperhidrosis. The face area is one of the four areas of the body where hyperhidrosis can occur. The other three areas would be the palms, armpits, and feet. What can cause many people to perspire a lot more than is physiologically necessary is still unknown. All we know is the fact that sweating is controlled by the sympathetic central nervous system.

The signs of Facial Hyperhidrosis

The most obvious symptom of hyperhidrosis within the facial region may be the embarrassing appearance of sweat about the face. The face area is the one thing on people that almost everyone sees during the course of a day. If excessive sweating occurs, it can become a psychologically damaging disorder that disrupts an individual’s job, school, or dating life. It is never just a case of sweating too much. This condition causes real harm to the life of a sufferer and may even cause them to avoid social situations or contact with people due to the shame brought on by this problem.

Treatment and Outlook of Excessive Facial Sweating

What’s promising for people with this condition is that you will find great ways to treat the disorder. Some remedies are as easy as over-the-counter antiperspirant; others are as involved as surgery.

Severe face sweating is usually given medications. Robinul continues to be an effective medication for excessive facial sweating for several years now. A surgical treatment is sometimes completed to interrupt the nerve impulses that create excessive facial sweating. The procedure is called Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathicotomy, or ETS, and it has been combined with positive results for a long time to deal with cases of severe facial hyperhidrosis.

Once someone with facial hyperhidrosis is afflicted with the condition, it’s possible for doctors to properly treat the patient and alleviate the physical symptoms. Once the physical symptoms disappear, psychological health and confidence naturally increases too. With so many available treatments, and widespread understanding of facial hyperhidrosis, the outlook for patients with excessive face sweating is quite good.

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