Foot Therapy: Easy Feet And Heel Tastic

Discovering : Easy Feet & Heel Tastic

Body parts seem to be harder to get to as we get older, and our feet certainly fall in that category. I’ve tried many products to help with my rough, cracked and sometimes smelly feet, but Easy Feet and Heel Tastic are two worth writing about . I first saw them advertised on As Seen On TV commercials, so you may already know about them .

Easy Feet : Foot Brushing

As Seen On TV seems to have great products, and this foot cleaning assistant is no different. If you don’t know about Easy Feet, it looks like a toeless sandal that’s lined with over a thousand bristles. Simply use the no-slip cups to attach the Easy Feet to any hard surface where you bathe and you’re ready to scrub your feet. You just slide one foot at a time in and out of the Easy Feet and the bristles thoroughly scrub your foot. Not only do the bristles clean and massage the bottom and sides of your foot, they also reaches the sides of the nail bed and in between your toes. It also has a pumice stone located at the heel, so while you’re brushing your foot all over, you can gently remove the dry and cracked skin on your heel .

Have you almost fallen in the shower while trying to scrub your feet? Easy Feet removes the risk of foot cleaning in the shower; there’s no balancing on one foot while you try to reach the other foot. Just stick Easy Feet to the shower floor or to the side wall of your tub and you’re in business . Also, it makes cleaning your children’s feet a easy task . If all this wasn’t enough, the Easy Feet people have a “two for one” offer going on, so it’s not really that expensive an item .

Heel Tastic: Healing Balm

My dry, cracked heels flare up during the winter . Heels must be a common problem as there are a ton of lotions and creams on the market advertised for heel care. Although women are the main advertising target, I think men have at least as bad a problem with dry and cracked heel skin. Even though the winter makes the dryness worse, I get more infections in the summer when my feet perspire.

As the temperature are starting to drop , the As Seen On TVcommercial for Heel Tastic balm was timely for me. I figured I couldn’t lose with their money back offer, so I ordered, and began applying it as soon as it arrived . As a roll-on balm, it’s easy to apply so you don’t get any on your hands . It’s formulated to soak into the skin, so there’s no greasy surface feeling. I’ll have to wait until my feet start sweating in the summer to see if it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as they advertise.

I began applying Heel Tastic three or four times a day; it took about a week before I noticed that my dry, rough heel skin is starting to look normal again. I don’t know the chemistry of Heel Tastic, but it does work for me and is inexpensive enough that I don’t feel badly about telling my friends about it .

So…if you want to pamper your feet , the Easy Feet and Heel Tastic are two really good products that have worked for me.

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