Hair Removal Using Warm Or Hot Wax.

Modern fashion-mongers, removing undesirable hair using wax, do not even imagine that they must be grateful for these torments to the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. She created this recipe of a special stretchy plant mass, which froze on the body, and then disrupted like the second skin.

Nawadays the methods of waxing are practiced mostly in cosmetology centers. The distinction between them lays only in the temperature of the wax – the higher the temperature, the less painfully hair removal. The bikini area can also be treated with hot wax.

This method let you pull out the hairs from the roots. After such a procedure you may not trouble for four to six weeks. Hair removal using warm wax can be done independently. The wax is heated to a liquid form. Its temperature must not surpass the temperature of the body, other way you may get burned. Then using the spatula it is applied to a small area, and when it solidifies – it is removed from the body with hair in the opposite direction to their growth with one jerk. This procedure, particularly at the first time, is very painful. It is stand the most easily if you remove hair on the legs. Persons that are not too sensitive to pain can use this method also to the armpits.

The next procedure may be done only when the hair will grow no less than 4 mm, otherwise the wax cannot simply “grasp” it.

Advantages of the technique: after removing the hairs by using machine-depilatory or wax, they are no longer growing, and even if they grow, they become not so thick and scratchy – because after the removal of prior hair from the “root” there is a new curling of hair keratin (the substance which the hair consists of). Due to it, newly regrown hairs become thinner and softer.

Cons: painfulness of the procedure – the hairs need to be pulled up right out of the skin, so there is a risk of infection in open wounds of hair follicles and development of inflammation (especially be careful referring to the armpit); it may be ingrowth of new hairs in the skin at a constant pulling them out.

To deal with the problem of ingrown hairs – is complicated. There are A lot of various creams and lotions to prevent ingrown hairs. Unfortunately, these tools cannot be advised as a panacea. In addition, the side effect of their use – is drying up of the skin, so be aware of regular moisturizing of the epidermis in the areas where it is applied the means against ingrown hairs.

After depilation with the removal of the root it is desirable to wipe the skin with means preventing its irritation. It can be special lotions or solutions of drugs sold in pharmacies. Further it is possible application to the skin of means slowing the growth of new hairs. You have to use these means on a regular basis.

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