Hair Removing Choices And Benefit Comparison

The process of hair removal can be a very challenging. It can be expensive, time consuming, painful, and even dangerous at times. Although it may seem hard to explain, it is also usually one of the most intense cofidence boosts, and is one of the most sensual and sexiest achievements you can do. There is just nothing more physically attractive than the feel of soft, smooth, hairless skin. The way you feel is impossible to describe because of the magnitude of raw power and emotional intensity. As a matter of fact, the benefits are usually so fulfilling, that we agree to endure practically anything to reach the rewards. There are countless optional roads to reach the desired destination, and they each have their pros and cons. It is good to understand a few of the major technology options available to select the most desirable option for our lifestyle.

Shaving – The razor is a time tested solution for a hair-free body. It is also something we can do it in the privacy of our home or hotel room, at an affordable price. The problems with shaving can be nicks, razor burn, more frequent treatments required (and the time for it), and bumps, soreness and/or infection from ingrown hairs. The worst drawback of shaving is the unattractive feel of the stubble, which could likely kill a sensual moment.

Body Waxing – After your waxing service, the feeling of pure power sets in. Silky skin that is amazingly pleasant to the touch, even as new hair grows in. Waxing is inexpensive, relatively quick, lasts several weeks, and over the years, decreases the strength and quantity of body hair until it is practically gone entirely. Although it can be done at home, bodywaxing is less painful, and the results are much better and cleaner, when it is done professionally. The disadvantages of body waxing are the pain through the process, (especially if you are starting out with waxing), possible ingrown hairs (bumps), and time investment required for the process.

Laser Hair Removal – Laser treatment times are short, and are effective at reducing the visibility of unwanted hair in more than half of the people who qualify for it. It removes much of the unwanted hair, and also reduces the thickness and pigmentation of the remaining hair, creating a more attractive skin surface that lasts much longer than waxing. The cons are that not everyone qualifies due to skin and hair color contrast, and even people who qualify will probably be unable to remove all of the unwanted hair after finalizing a regime of sessions up to the point of optimal removal. It has also been found that about half the people treated have significant hair regrowth in the treated area within 14 months from finalizing treatments. Laser treatments are increasingly ineffective in each subsequent iteration due to melanin depletion in the process. It is a reasonable expectation you will need to finish between 25% and 75% of the hair with electrolysis. There are other risks of laser including permanent or temporary hyperpigmentation or hipopigmentation, new hair growth in areas adjacent to the treated ones, burns, infection, scars, and uneven texture. These risks are significant and should be taken into consideration before having laser.

Electrolysis Hair Removal – At the end of your regime with electrolysis hair removal treatments, the results are permanent. You are truly living the dream. The sensual look and feel to the body, no ingrown hairs or bumps, and negligible maintenance. Electrolysis also works on any skin and hair color. The drawbacks of electrolysis are that it is more time consuming for large areas than laser, and can have risks of vapor burns under the surface of the skin, swelling, pain, infection, scars, and skin spots if the area is not protected as required. Permanent hair removal requires some organization, discipline, and patience. A skilled electrologist and new technology in equipment can also make a big difference to safety, speed and comfort.

Most people will probably use a combination of the above services in their mission for a hairless body. Hopefully the information helps you to understand the options better, and take a more informed decision. If you require hair removal services in Broward county, FL, be sure to contact Sinless Skin for their free skin analysis and consultation, or for information on their hair removal services visit their website at

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