Hair Transplant – Dr. Williams Provides Free Advice to Hair Loss Patients Dr. Joseph Williams and the Advanced Medical Hair Institute of Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) provide free advice to hair loss sufferers considering state of the art ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation. Below is a transcript of the hair restoration video for your reference. “Smile and realize that we can fix it. Not all hair transpant work is created equal. But there are plenty of us out there who care enough to get it right. Be encouraged, do your homework, take your time, ask questions and realize that bottom feeders are bottom feeders for a reason. If you want it done right, unfortunately, it’s not going to be inexpensive for most of us. But you want it done right and you want to do it once. You don’t want to do it again, and again and again. And you go to one of the Coalition hair restoration physicians. We’re committed to doing it right. We’re proud of the organization. We’re proud that we’re on the team so to speak. But take your time and don’t just fixate on what it costs. That’s often the mistake that patients make – is that they’re looking for the best deal. It’s the best deal for a reason and unfortunatly, it’s not a good reason.” Dr. Joseph Williams is a highly esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians and is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. To learn more about Dr. Williams, his experience, skill, philosophy and to see examples of his hair restoration results, visit his Coalition

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