How To Avoid Baldness?

Andogenetic Alopecia is the medical term of the most common form of hair loss; better known as pattern baldness. Pattern baldness affects both men and women, although to a higher degree in men whom experience a greater amount of hair loss generally.

The most common is male hair loss or baldness

For men baldness usually begins with a receding hairline which eventually will advance to thinning at the top of the head. There are several baldness patterns that are recognized and classified and these classifications are based on the amount of baldness and the affected area. In the United States about 35 million men will experience loss of their tresses as a result of pattern baldness.
Male baldness affects approximately 50 – 80% of Caucasian men. Interestingly, African-American men as well as other races seem to have a slightly lower occurrence of male pattern baldness. Pattern baldness can occur at any time after puberty so it is not an age issue; it is a genetic formula.

For women, pattern baldness occurs as hair falls out from the scalp. Male or female baldness appears in about 20 – 40% of women in the general population. Thinning hair in women is generally different from men as women will rarely get bald spots. More commonly the hair will thin all over the head which can make hair styling a challenge.

Development of Pattern Baldness

The development of Andogenetic Alopecia or baldness is cause by GHT. In some people there is a genetic pre-disposition to hair loss and their hair follicles have receptors for GHT. Baldness begins when the hair follicle shrinks and doesn’t stay in the growth phase as long. This causes the hair to shed faster than normal and new hair begins to grow. Because the hair is shedding faster however, the hair comes in much thinner each time eventually being very thin or not growing in at all.
Make and female baldness is just one reason for thinning hair which can not be prevented. If you suspect this is the case, consult your doctor. There are a few herbal oils that have been proven to work. These herbal oils are arjuvedic and have been used in India for thousands of years to stop hair loss and help hair regrowth.

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