How To Replenish Collagen

People who are interested in prolonging youth know or at least have heard about collagen. It is a protein which is structural component of bones, skin and ligaments. Derma – the middle skin layer – consists of collagen in the form of
fibers and provides the mechanical firmness, density and elasticity of tissues.

Unfortunately, collagen fibers are wear-prone and are destroyed over time. Skin cells – fibroblasts – are able to produce collagen. However with age cell capability to renew damaged collages is reduced. And this process leads to wrinkles and changes in skin tonus.

To minimize the collagen damage, it is necessary to neutralize damaging factors like free radicals, sun radiation, age related hormonal changes and smoking.

Below there are some ways to replenish lost collagen in the skin:

Transdermal systems

In normal state skin cannot put through big molecules as collagen. However, there are some methods of penetration of big molecules into the skin. To do so the substances are crushed what makes their penetration easier. However this method leads to the loss of some useful properties of biological molecules. Today there are special systems consisting of special “carriers” that are able to bound collagen and put it into deep skin layers. It is the reason why creams with transdermal systems have great renewal abilities.

Collagen injections

Collagen injections are made under a wrinkle which leads to fulfilling and smoothing skin relief. For sure, such procedure has evident cosmetic effect, but at the same time it has several disadvantages. As well you can get positive results from fibroblast injections into wrinkles.

As well there are some methods of stimulating collagen production in the skin.

Cell stimulation employed for collagen production can significantly reduce the amount of wrinkles and renew the skin tonus. There are some substances that can stimulate the collagen production in human body.

Vitamin C

It is essential component for collagen production. It is necessary to remember that vitamins can give you the positive influence only in certain daily amounts. Vitamin C deficit leads to dent bleeding and poor skin healing. At the same time, the excess of it leads to pathological healing and cicatrization.

Amino acids

Like other protein, collagen consists of amino acids. Today 20 types of amino acids are known. Nourishing the body with the needed amino acids can stimulate collagen production.

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