Invisalign: Discover More About These Practical Clear Braces

A London dentist reveals some facts you might not be aware of about Invisalign Clear Braces, including: who the typical Invisalign user is

You might assume that you don’t know anyone who wears Invisalign braces. But because, they are easily removable, clear and discreet it might perhaps be that you just haven’t noticed that a friend or relative is using them.

The changes they get – when re-aligning crowded, overly-spaced or crooked teeth – are definitely noticeable.

Since these braces are so discreet they maybe don’t get the amount of attention they merit. How can the braces correct teeth in just a year when so-called ‘conventional’ braces take far longer to do this?

Too good to be true? Could this phrase be applied to Invisalign London treatments such as those offered by dentist Ethicare, which is run by Glafcos and Klaudia Tombolis – a practice which has been offering the Invisalign treatment for some time.

The Ethicare website has a comprehensive section about Invisalign; there now follows a few more questions and answers regarding the braces which have been used by almost 2 million people worldwide.

How many people are appropriate candidates for Invisalign treatment?

Glafcos says that an average of “about four or five people” each month come into the practice for the consultation which determines whether they are suitable candidates for Invisalign treatment – the vast majority qualify.

Occasionally, patients with “complex” dental issues – for instance, they might need teeth extracting – might discover that this procedure is not suitable for them. These patients can be referred to an Ethicare orthodontist who can offer alternative procedures.

Does the arrival of clear braces spell the end for more traditional metal braces?

Glafcos revealed that a lot less people are opting for metal braces now that clear braces are an option. He said: “Metal braces just aren’t as unobtrusive as the clear braces made by Invisalign.” Ceramic braces can still be used by patients who don’t want to have metal next to their teeth.

Who is the typical Invisalign customer?

At Ethicare, the typical Invisalign customer is a woman aged 30 to 50 but the clear braces have real appeal with men too. Glafcos says: “With the relatively new Invisalign Teen brace product we do get quite a few patients aged about 14 or 15 fitted with the clear braces.”

How do teenagers generally react to the idea of using braces? Do they prefer clear braces to more noticeable metal braces?

Glafcos acknowledges that teens, like all patients, should only wear braces that they are comfortable with.

It seems that levels of comfort vary as Glafcos says: “We had a teenage patient recently who was really quite proud to have metal braces fitted.” (Perhaps this patient was happy to be different or maybe their peers all favoured metal braces!)

Other teenagers can be quite self-conscious about their look and so the suggestion of easily-removable clear braces which don’t stifle their lifestyle inevitably appeals.

Please read the full version of this article to find out how you can track whether a teenager is sticking to the Invisalign schedule and why clear braces can help your dental hygiene and not just your image.

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