Is It Really Possible To Grow One’s Hair Fast?

So you may be wondering what the fastest way to grow your hair is. Well there’s lots of ways to grow your mane but the best is to make sure your tresses are healthy. A healthy mane will mean longer and thicker tresses.

Here are the tips you should use to grow your tresses
The first thing you want to do is hold off with the trims A trim shortens your mane, so unless your tresses are really damaged stay away from these. Wait about six months to determine if you want to get a trim or not. At the end of your six months you may get one as your ends may be totally dead.

Next to grow your hair you want to stay away from heat products; you should at least attempt to cut down on using heating tools. At worst use a heat protectant spray which will prevent you from frying your tresses. This will mean less trims and therefore faster growing tresses.

You want to massage your hair when you shampoo and you must shampoo every other day. Do make sure to use an all natural; conditioner every day.
Get a scalp massage for 20 minutes everyday. It will go a lengthy way to grow your hair.

Next you want to lie down on a couch with your feet up in the air. This drives blood to the scalp which nurtures your hair roots and allows you to grow your locks faster.

Wear a satin scarf before you go to bed. A satin scarf will prevent your mane from stretching and it will also avoid breakage.

Whiles it is real that your mine grows about six inches a year, you can take the steps I just mentioned to grow your hair, follow the steps we just suggested and you will have no problems growing a longer mane.

So you have shoulder length hair but you seem to be suffering from slow growing hair and you are wondering how to make hair grow long.

No matter what you do your hair growth has come to a halt. Fact is, your mane seems to be growing less slowly because it is already long. With slower hair one can see the growth far easier than when one has lengthy hair. Either way there’s a few steps you can take to make your hair grow long.

You must know that the normal rate of hair growth is half an inch a month. With th3se tips it will grow faster. All you need to do is take pictures of it once a month and simply compare those images and you will know how to make hair grow long
Make sure you are consuming a healthy die, that you are exercising and that you have the right water intake.

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