Lace Front Adhesive – Made Just For Wigs

There are two fundamental systems for attaching front lace wigs to a persons scalp. One of these systems incorporates a special type of double sided tape that is sticky on both sides. Then there is another sort of methodology for attaching a front lace wig and that’s to use a particular sort of contact cement or glue to hold the wig in place.

Contact Glues

There are a number of manufacturers of wig glue that can be easily bought over the Internet. They are contact model adhesives, which means that they function differently that normal adhesives. Contact glue is first applied and then allowed to dry, or set earlier than the two surfaces to be connected are linked to one another.

Minor Irritation

There are a few things that you should know about entrance lace wig glues. Some folks can experience a direct allergic reaction to them, so when you expertise any irritation from using glue, you could need to switch to tape. Additionally, little or no is thought about the long run effects of utilizing these types of glues that come into contact with people skin.


Virtually all the front lace adhesives which can be currently accessible available on the market contain toluene as a solvent. Granted, the amount that you will come into contact with may be very small. Nevertheless much is understood concerning the effects of huge quantities of this substance on the human body.

In the event you were to walk into an auto body paint store, the person portray the vehicles will be sporting a masks and a recent are breathing device. It is because these kind of automotive paints additionally contain toluene which is a really harmful substance in giant amounts. Nevertheless; in your case it will be in such small quantities that it should not be a problem.

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