Laser, Electrolysis, Shaving, And Wax Hair Removal Rewards Side By Side

Removing your unwanted hair can be an extremely hard, painful, expensive, time consuming and even dangerous objective. With that said, it can also be one of the most confidence boosting, and sexiest achievements you can do. There is simply nothing more romantic and tantalizing than smooth, soft, hairless skin, and the way it makes you feel is just indescribable in the magnitude of power and emotional strength. The benefits are so fulfilling, that we are willing to to accept just about any pain to reap the rewards. However, there are many possible methods to remove the unwanted hair, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important that we understand them in order to select the best option for us.

Shaving – We can always trust the old razor to eliminate a hairy look, and we can do it in the privacy of our own homes at a very inexpensive price. The drawbacks are nicks, razor burn, total time required with the frequency of services needed, ingrown hairs and the unattractive feel to the stubble, which seems to become apparent immediately and can totally kill a sensual moment.

Waxing – As soon as you have your body waxing services, you will feel pure power. Waxing is still relatively inexpensive, lasts up to a month, is extremely pleasant to the touch even when the new hair begins to grow back in, and over time reduces the strength and quantity of hair until it is practically totally gone. Waxing should be done professionally, although you can do it at home, there is simply no comparison to the experience and results. The drawbacks of waxing are the pain of the process, (especially if you do not have a good esthetician), possible ingrown hairs (bumps), and the time you still need to take for the process.

Laser – We have all heard and seen laser by now, and have our own conclusions, but it is important that we see laser for what it actually, as opposed to what it is said to be. Laser is a quick way to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. It is successful at removing a lot of the unwanted hair, and reducing the strength and color of the remaining hair, creating a surface that is more attractive. The drawbacks are that you need to qualify, and even after qualifying for laser with the right skin and hair pigmentation and other considerations, you will probably still have a significant amount of hair (about half) at the end of the treatment series up to optimal removal, and of the half that was removed; another half may grow back within 14 months. In other words, it is reasonable to expect that you could still have 75% of the unwanted hair a little over a year after finishing treatments. This hair can be accepted as the result, can be shaved, waxed, treated again with more laser, or finished with electrolysis. The risks of laser include permanent or temporary hyperpigmentation (in up to 1 out of 4 patients, and even without subsequent sun exposure), permanent hipopigmentation, new hair growth in areas adjacent to the treated ones, burns, infection, scars, and uneven texture. We know of more people who are very happy with their laser treatments, than those who are very unhappy, but the risks are significant and should be taken into consideration.

Electrolysis – When you conclude treatments of permanent hair removal, the benefits are great. You feel like you are living a dream. Awesome look, great feel, once you are done there is very little time investment, it works on any skin and hair color, and you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs and nicks. It is a little more expensive than waxing, and can have risks of vapor burns under the surface of the skin, which can cause swelling and pain, aside from possible infection, scars, and pigmentation if the area is not adequately protected and sanitized. The other draw back is that it can only be done on a follicle-by-follicle basis, which can make the process time consuming, and extend the pain over the longer period of time. But a little organization and discipline, along with patience, and a good electrologist and top quality equipment, is a recipe to awesome satisfaction.

If the pain of waxing is not too great for you, the visits to your local spa can be a very pleasant and therapeutic break from the routine, and the short and long-term benefits are fantastic. You truly don’t need anything more. If you want something permanent, and don’t mind a 6 month project, perhaps electrolysis is your ticket. If you would rather something in the middle, maybe laser is your cup of tea. All things considered, you will probably use a combination of several or even all of the above in your quest for perfect hairless skin, and hopefully the information will help you to evaluate the options better, and take a more informed decision. To learn more about our hair removal services at Sinless Skin, or for tips for better hair removal visit our website at

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