Leave Your Vacuum Cleaner In The Closet!

Years ago, I remember getting a Shop-Vac for a wedding present. A few people who were at the gift opening chuckled as it seemed a funny present to give someone for their wedding, but I was stoked. I was happy because home remodeling projects were my relaxation technique and just about every one of them made a mess. I guess it’s still the little boy in me that’s just not happy until he’s made a mess because it means that he’s accomplished something.

Funny thing is, I never thought about hooking my Shop-Vac up to a precision instrument like my hair trimmer. To me, it seems like hooking the spray nozzle on your sink up to a pressure washer. Sure, it would blast the food off of your dishes, but would probably take most of the enamel with it. So why go overboard? Cutting your hair is a project that makes a mess, too, so you have a few options.

■You can cut your hair in the middle of the yard and hope the hair just blows away.
■You can drag your gigantic vacuum cleaner out of the closet and duct tape it to your trimmer.
■You can drag your gigantic vacuum cleaner out of the closet after you’re done and clean off your floor, yourself, your cat, and anything else within 10 feet of you.
■You can get an AirCut, which is a haircutter and a vacuum all in one handheld unit.

Of course we want you to buy an AirCut because that’s our passion, but YOU also want you to buy an AirCut because looking great and saving money is YOUR passion. Look great, save money, and save your Shop-vac for the drywall project. Heck, the AirCut has a vacuum only setting and a great filter…you may want to use the AirCut for the drywall, too.

More Information
Saving time and money by cutting your own hair just got easier because the Aircut haircutter ( takes AirCut technology to a whole new level.

Breakthrough engineering means the Aircut haircutter’s powerful 46 mile-per-hour vacuum fits inside the Aircut haircutter – a stylish blue unit about the same size and weight as a hair dryer. The design keeps itchy, messy hair clippings off you, your clothes, the sink and floor.

“In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to cut costs and cutting your own hair or your kids hair at home is a simple way to save,” said Norm Yerke, inventor of the Aircut haircutter. “For a family, the Aircut haircutter could easily save thousands. It’s a tremendous value when you think of how much you spend driving to the barber, paying for haircuts and giving the barber a tip, it makes so much sense to use the Aircut haircutter instead. It only takes most people five or six haircuts to pay for itself – for a dad with a couple of sons, it can be paid for in just two rounds of haircuts – plus there’s no making an appointment or waiting around.”

“But it’s not just about saving time and money,” Yerke continued. “It’s about looking great. It’s about no whining kids. It’s about not making small talk with a barber. You can get a haircut as often as you want, get the same cut every time with no hassle and it’s super for quick trims in between haircuts.”

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