Men Skin Requires Rather Different Skin Care Regimen Than Women

It goes without any sayings that men’s skin is totally different in comparison to women’s. But still it is true that men have to have a quite different skin care regimen that absolutely suits their needs. That is why in this article, I will have a short overview of the male skin. It is true that it requires special care and regimen.

If compared to the women skin, the skin of men is considerably firmer and thicker. This results to the presence of higher quantities of collagen and elastin in their skin layers. But the problem is that the great amounts of collagen in the men dermis make the skin much more prone to oiliness. The bad news is that due to the oily nature of the skin it is considerably prone to dehydration. This is considered to be a striking peculiarity of the male skin. And this feature requires more attention.

It is worth mentioning that aside from considerable oiliness and dryness, men skin tends to produce much more sweat. This is the point of another concern while selecting the relevant products for you. Heavy sweating generally results to large pores, which make the skin prone to acne, impurities, and comedones. Unfortunately bacterial infection may result of this men skin feature and lead to acne breakouts.

That is why due to all the mentioned above facts, the male skin care regimen requires daily cleansing in order to keep the pores of the facial skin absolutely clean and unclogged. In addition a deep cleansing agent is required to be applied at least twice a week. Personally I consider that this might be really helpful as well. It is worth remembering that after washing your face, the facial skin should also be immediately hydrated by means of some right moisturizer.

It is doubtless that skin’s aging process is the point of another concern that your skin care routine need to be focused on. Fortunately in 20th century cosmetic companies started to invest in anti-aging ingredients while producing skin care products. These ingredients as frequently applied in skin care moisturizer in order to prevent the appearing of wrinkles and fine lines. These days there is a wide selection of different anti-aging products that are frequently used by men.

So it goes without any objection that the male skin needs a rather different regimen than women skin. Personally I think that it is easy to select some relevant type of products which will suit your needs. But still it is worth remembering that you are to be consistent and to follow your regimen every day and don’t forget to use the selected skin care products. If you develop good discipline you will surely achieve nice results.

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