Methods Of Permanent And Temporary Hair Removal And Their Reasonable Expectations

Hair removal is often a very trying, painful, time consuming, expensive and even risky endeavor. At the same time, it is also one of the biggest confidence boosts, and one of the sexiest things you can accomplish. There is just nothing more tantalizingly inspiring than warm, silky smooth, hairless skin. We are drawn to it and are powerless to its enchantment, it is simply in our design. Having hairless skin is a feeling that is indescribable in the sheer power and emotional intensity. It is so gratifying, that we will go through anything to get there. Of course, there are a variety of paths to reach the destination, and each has its pros and cons. We need to understand them some in order to make the right choice for us.

Shaving – A razor is a time-proven solution for hair removal. Shaving is painless, and we can cost effectively do it in the privacy of our home or hotel without planning or scheduling, and in a short time. The drawbacks are nicks, razor burn, total time spent because of the frequency of shaving, ingrown hairs and most importantly, the unattractive feel of stubble, which sets in quickly and can destroy a sensual moment.

Waxing – When you come out of your body waxing services, you feel raw power. It is relatively inexpensive, lasts weeks, is very pleasant to touch (even when the new hair begins to grow back in), and with repetition reduces the amount and thickness of hair until it is virtually gone. Waxing is advisable to have done professionally for least pain, best results and experience, but it can be done at home with some work and patience. The disadvantages of wax are the pain during the process (especially when your esthetician is new to waxing), possible ingrowns and bumps, and taking the time to visit your waxing center.

Laser – Laser technology for hair removal has become very popular. It is important that laser be understood for what it actually is, and not for what it has been made out to be by urban legends and inflated claims in marketing. Laser is a high end technology that produces results in a benefit range between waxing and electrolysis. It is a quick treatment that permanently eliminates some hair, and reduces the appearance of the remaining hair in the treated area for a long term period, leaving a surface that is more appealing. There are many disadvantages to Laser, for instance, it is painful, you need to qualify, and even qualifying, you will probably remove less than half the unwanted hair by the end of the full treatment series up to optimal removal. More or less half of the hair that is removed will probably grow back within 14 months. This doesn’t mean that laser is a bad service, the remaining hair is usually weaker, and the appeal of the treated area should improve regardless of the remaining hair and regrowth, even if you are not one of the lucky few. The risks of laser include dark pigmentation spots in up to 1 out of 4 patients undergoing a full regime, permanent hipopigmentation (white skin spots), new hair growth in skin areas close to the treated areas, burns, infection, scars, and uneven skin texture. The risks are significant and should not be taken lightly.

Electrolysis – A time tested technology that has great benefits is the electric discharges used in electrolysis removal. Great feeling skin, awesome look, it works on all Fitzpatrick skin types and all hair colors (even gray hair), and when you are done, you are done. New equipment technologies have also made it much safer, quicker and more comfortable than it has been traditionally. Risks of electrolysis include vapor burns under the surface of the skin, which can cause swelling and pain, as well as possible infection, scars, and pigmentation if the area is not sufficiently protected and sanitized. Another drawback is that it must be done on a single-pore-at-a-time basis, which can make the process time consuming. It requires patience, organization, and discipline, but is totally worth the effort. A good electrologist and newer technology equipment, are critical for the best comfort, and satisfaction.

The majority of people will use a combination of several or even all of the above in their search for perfect hairless skin. Hopefully the information will help you in yours, to make better choices. If you are looking for Fort Lauderdale hair removal, contact Sinless Skin for superior services, or for further information, visit them at

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