Modern Office Furniture Keeps Pace With Technology

Contemporary office furniture has nothing in common with outlandish materials and bizarre shapes. It is sleek, lightweight and has clear cut lines. Functionality and élan are combined to make pieces that won’t quickly become outdated, while prices make them attractive whatever your budget is.

Glass and stainless steel are used to make a light, open feeling in some styles. Most feature open bookcases and desks abound in shapes beyond the run-of-the-mill rectangle. Wood and glass combinations are also available, as well as the variety of components available allows you to add a custom look to your office.

Some pieces of modern office furniture have transitional design that is combined with new age dynamics. While finishes may be dark and reminiscent of antique office furniture, hardware is discreet, as well as the pieces tend to be less overwhelming. Wall units are usually available in heights to match your needs, as well as some offer glass front doors or stainless steel trim to brighten things up. While most lines aren’t truly modular, the assortment of components and possible configurations permit for maximum design options, as well as finish colors run the gamut from whitewashed oak to mahogany so you can match existing décor or make an entirely new look.

Most modern office furniture pieces feature beveled edges and, even on the rectangular pieces, the corners are slightly rounded. (Anyone who has ever walked into the sharp edge of a desk can appreciate this innovation.) Some desks in return have a sweeping semi-circular shape on the ends which is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also a space saver, allowing just a little more space to navigate. And if like furniture without corners, there’s styles that encase you in an arc that spreads out along both sides for convenience in reaching all of your work area with ease.

The design is more linear, although edges are usually still beveled and the corners may be slightly tapered as a safety feature. These styles, which are reminiscent of eighteenth and nineteenth century Spanish furniture, frequently boast ornate carvings and slat work to add to the overall effect of a casual, classic look. Hardware is not as heavy as on traditional pieces, but is more decorative than contemporary offers. Bookcases and hutches normally sport a slightly overhanging crown, sometimes carved, as well as glass doors aren’t uncommon, with lots of lines offering barrister style bookcases.

Modern office furniture is available from a number of vendors. However, on-line stores have the advantage of not only a huge selection to choose from, but usually list design specifications and construction specifics that are frequently not easily available in office warehouse stores. Special orders may also be more efficiently filled on-line. So, whether you are shopping for one very different item or a complete office, it may well be worth your time to browse a bit before committing.

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