Natural Skin Whitening: The Truth About Skin Color

Are you being treated unfairly because you have dark skin? Do you feel that white people have more options and get higher paying jobs?

Before deciding the best skin lightening treatments for you we’ll take a look at how skin functions and what causes skin to darken. You’ll also determine the best ways in which you can prevent skin problems.

Skin conditions are some of the most frequent health problems individuals world wide have to cope with. For many people they are so ashamed of their skin that they will not get their picture taken. While others are embarrassed to go out in public.

The first thing you need to know about skin color is that it is consists of three main components: melanin, carotene and blood vessels. Each of these components has a great role in establishing the skin color of an individual. As a result, the presence of melanin gives skin a darker shade. The carotene is responsible for giving skin the yellowish color unique to the people with Asian ancestors, while the vessels which can be seen through the skin typically give it the reddish or pinkish color. These components result in an individuals skin color.

As you could probably guess, those dark patches of skin or brown spots you have to deal with are typically due to the increased production of melanin. This substance, responsible for skin darkening has the role of stopping UV rays coming from the sun from affecting or damaging the skin or the sweat glands.

When the skin is exposed to the sun, the amount of melanin increases, resulting in skin darkening. When the melanin is no longer able to counterbalance the effects of sun, a sunburn and skin damage appear. Because the skin responds differently to sun’s strength permanent dark patches or sun spots may appear. These patches can be removed by using skin lightening pills.

This is why it is very important to keep your skin away from the sun as much as possible, particularly if you have light colored skin, as white skin lacks melanin. This makes white skin more susceptible to skin burns and ultimately scars which can affect your skin all your life.

There are several reasons for which skin darkening and brown spots can appear could result in skin damage. Read about all of them and about how you can treat each in an efficient yet natural and non-invasive manner visit skin whitening products.

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