New Generation Wax And Electrolysis Service Options

Often we see people who can’t understand why some other people consent to undergo so much pain to have a hair-free body. The fact is that it is practically hopeless to even explain to someone who is accustomed to living with body hair, that it is great not to have it. It would be similar to explaining to an Amazon indian that deodorant is a great invention. The truth is that hair removal is one of the sexiest and most fulfilling practices for women and men.

When done properly, body waxing is a wonderful tool to remove unwanted hair. It is far less painful than you may think, when it is done by a knowledgeable professional, especially when you go the extra mile and take 2 Advils 30 minutes before your appointment, and avoid stimulants like caffeine prior to the service. The power of body waxing is in the results. Soft, smooth, skin without hair that is as much a pleasure to see and touch as it is to be touched. Body waxing can also be regarded as a permanent form of hair reduction, as newer hair comes back thinner and less abundant. People who wax eventually have practically no hair regrowth. Newer waxes are applied at less intense temperatures than conventional waxes, are less messy, and stick less to the surface of the skin, making the process much more comfortable. Muslin strips are totally inflexible, but new technologies don’t use strips, and stay elastic for a long time, making them perfectly suited for contoured surfaces such as those in body wax services.

Removing hair permanently in a shorter period of time requires different technology. The only permanent hair removal method available today is electrolysis. Fundamentally it is a hair-by-hair treatment that destroys the interior of the follicle eliminating the possibility of regeneration. Obviously, it takes a significant amount of time to cover larger areas, but the end result is worth it: Hair free skin for life. No other hair removal technology offers the same benefit. Electrolysis is also the perfect solution for facial areas which are smaller and very visible, because it delivers superior results to laser, requires fewer visits, has less risk of pigmentation, and is more cost effective. Electrolysis hair removal technology has also evolved over the years, from when it was galvanic, to thermolysis, to flash, to the most recent variations of flash that use intense micro-second charges. These new generation electrolysis technologies are just as effective as the traditional technologies, but deliver the result quicker and more comfortably. All the technologies, among them the newer electrolysis, always rely on patient determination, discipline and patience.

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