Old Tale Mole Removal Myths

One of the most common problems people suffer from is moles. That is why many of them seek the help of cosmetic surgeons to perform mole removal. Many times people will try to stop them from removing these moles as they believe in all the myths surrounding this issue.

According to the myths, one will develop a red scar the moment they remove the mole. This is not necessarily true because right after the surgery you will have a red scar. However, that is temporary, thus the mark will disappear once the skin starts to heal.

“Do not cover your wound with any bandages” is part of the myth that most people believe in. “Leaving a wound open will make it heal quickly” is what the believers of this myth will tell you. However, doctors believe that applying an antibiotic solution and wrapping the wound is a much better option, especially since air is one of the best carriers of all kinds of microbes.

People believing these myths feel that Neosporin will help the healing process of mole removals. What they do not realize is that people with sensitive skin can show allergic reactions. It is better to ask for a better solution from your dermatologist. Using Vaseline on these wounds is in many cases better than any other solution.
People also believe that vitamin E is one of the best nutrients for those who had undergone mole removal surgeries. However, science proves the opposite. Studies show that consuming this vitamin can slow down the healing process, whereas applying its topically onto scars may worsen them.

Available methods to remove moles

Because laser treatments are less painful than knifes and injections it is the more popular mole removal method for many. With a concentrated beam straight from a special laser, your mole can be eliminated. This method can only be effective if your mole is shallow.

You can also try cryosurgery. With this method, they take a device and add liquid nitrogen so that the temperature can drop substantially. The cells within the mole will not survive the touch of this device. Because there will be no flow of blood to the cells due to the very cold temperature it will cause simultaneous explosions of the cells.

Home remedies are something else that can be just as effective to remove your moles. In order to remove your mole you can put baking soda, honey and cauliflower onto your skin if you have it available in your home. Not everyone enjoys the smell of these items on their skin so a good and effective lotion from your pharmacist can work just as well.

Do not just try anything to remove your moles before you talk to a dermatologist who will put you on the right track. Who knows? The possibility that he or she will give you something for smooth skin will be great. On this site, you might find more information to help you.

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