Organic Body Care – Learn From Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the original beauty queen and her beauty was said to be intoxicating. She was the last person to rule Egypt as an Egyptian pharaoh and was accredited with seducing the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, and also Mark Anthony. Cleopatra lived in harsh times and this makes her beauty secrets very valuable. She took amazing care of her body and the softness of her skin was one of her most attractive features.

Only organic and natural beauty products were available during Cleopatra’s rule and she was able to use these products very effectively. Most of the organic body care products that Cleopatra used are available to consumers today. According to legend and poems written about Cleopatra, her skin was unbelievably soft and she had a healthy “glow”. The perfumes that she used had a very powerful effect on the men that she encountered.

Some of the beauty products and routines that were used by Cleopatra were recorded and one of her more famous organic body care treatments was said to be her milk and honey bath. She is said to have indulged herself in one of these herbal baths on a daily basis. Organic salts, herbs and powders made-up a big part of her beauty product range.

A facial cream made from oil and lime, facial rinse made from apple cider vinegar and a protective application made from honey were used by her daily. Facial masks were also very popular and they were made form a selection of milk, honey, yeast and clay.

Part of her body care regime consisted of regular body rubs. Sea salt, balsam, beeswax, calamine, castor oil, mint, ginger and onions were some of the organic and natural ingredients used in her body rubs. The “Balm of Mecca” was a popular treatment in Cleopatra’s time and consisted of the resinous gum of a tree. This balm was applied on the face and neck at night and removed the next morning.

It stands to reason that organic body care products are as effective today as they were in Cleopatra’s time. In ancient times only royalty and the rich and famous could make use of all the organic beauty products that were available. Luckily we are very fortunate today and have access to a wide range of organic and natural body care products. Manufactures of organic cosmetics rely on research, tests and ancient knowledge to produce the variety of products that we can choose from today.

Organic body care, organic hair care, organic skin care and organic cosmetic products are safe to use and they are also a healthy alternative to beauty products that contain dangerous chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Organic beauty products that are certified as organic or natural contain only organic or natural ingredients. Always read the label of a product carefully to ensure that the product is made with natural organic ingredients. There is no reason why you should not treat yourself and feel like a queen, you deserve it!

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