Proven Hair Growth Methods

There are many reasons for hair loss including supplements, steroid use, genetics, hair dyes and permanents. Medications that include testosterone, some antidepressants, menopause, anti-acne medicine and toxins found in your environment. Normally you will lose about 100 hairs a day and this natural. Good nutrition including protein and vitamins will prevent thinning hair. Some hair thinning can be caused by an underlying medical condition so if you are finding more hair fall than normal, have a check up as soon as possible.

Shampoo and a good conditioner will not help to stop hair thinning, but it can make your hair look lush and healthy. There are shampoos and conditioners specially designed to thicken your hair though. Sold at hair salons and some drug stores Nioxin and Rogaine are two of the most popular products on the market for thinning hair. In order to gain the most benefits from them you need to use them regularly.

Massage your scalp every day at least 2-3 times a day. Massaging your scalp regularly will stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. Increased blood flow will help in getting important nutrients like biotin and amino acids for the hair follicles. This has a direct correlation to the growth and strength of your hair.

The most important action you can take for healthy hair is to eat a proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only good for your hair health but you need to care for your overall health too. Protein rich foods and restricting your processed food and refined sugar intake will make your body and hair healthier and stop thinning.

You will also want to take some biotin; you will need about 2500mcg of biotin to help you grow your hair out.

You will also need to take in prenatal pills; prenatal pills will provide all the minerals and vitamins your body needs to grow. You will want ample amount of vitamins to grow your hair. You can also consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. These will provide all the nutrients your mane needs to grow healthy.

You will want to make sure you are getting g enough physical activity to help stimulate sufficient blood flow to the scalp and hair roots. This will provide the nourishment your mane needs to grow at a good rate.

And there you have it, simple and proven way to stop thinning and regrow your mane.

Some hair loss product promise great and sometimes even fantastic results. Should we believe it? Well, sure thing, there are good products in the market. However, there are tons of fake products that will have no effect on your hair. Moreover, some of them are even dangerous. That is why you have to buy only quality products that have excellent customers’ reviews.

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