Proven Ways To Get Your Hair Grow Fast

hair growth is a very common problem both with men and women. Polluted environment and poor genetics may cause hair growth problems.

There are natural applications as well as synthetic ones that can be applied to stimulate fast hair growth. Here are a few inexpensive treatments as well as techniques that will aid with hair growth. The truth of the matter us that hair grows long when it is healthy and healthy hair is air that is well handled and maintained. So in this short article I will describe simple tips to handle and care of your mane.

As I mentioned gentle handling of your tresses will go a long way in aiding growth. It’s natural for your mane to fall out– this happens so that new and stronger tresses will replace the old and worn ones. If you treat your locks harshly during the grooming process it will weaken the hair and cause it to fall out.

Next, you want to wear loose fitting hairstyles. Ponytails and cornrows are common
hair styles; one should never pull their hair too tight when wearing them. It’s better to use rubber or elastic bands or just loosely braid your tresses. Butterfly clips are also a great option for keeping your hair in place.

Special care must be taken when brushing or combing your hair– this is especially true for individuals that have curly or wavy hair. It’s best to use a wide tooth comb if your hair is wet, as brushing will disturb the natural curls as well as make it frizzy and can cause breakage. A wide toothed comb is used to also help stimulate hair growth. The bristles will go a long way to stimulate the scalp and help encourage flow of blood and help faster hair growth

Before grooming your mane take some time to loosen tangles. Do not apply excess force or be in too much of a rush as this can case damage to healthy hair strands. One rule is to start combing at the root of the hair and then work your way up to the ends. This is a good practice that will prevent hair damage.

Massage your crown and scalp a day by day basis. This will boost the supply of blood to the scalp. And the more blood you send to the scalp the better chance of encouraging faster hair growth.

Follow these points and you will have done all you can to help encourage the growth of new tresses. However, do not expect too fast or immediate results. This does not happen overnight. First and foremost, you have to be patient enough and quite persistent. There are no magic hair growth products. Avoid scams whenever possible.

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