PRP Hair Loss Treatment

MC PRP Hair Treatment is the newest hair loss treatment pioneered by Dr. Choi. He is North American’s first and most experienced cosmetic PRP provider. Having performed many hundreds PRP treatments for the skin, Dr. Choi frequently observed thin and short (miniaturized) hair near PRP treated skin, growing thicker and taller than hair farther away from PRP treated area. Dr. Choi found this observation intriguing and looked further into how PRP could be used to help people with hair loss. After a small amount of blood is taken from the patient to produce the hair follicle stimulating platelet rich plasma (PRP), the scalp is prepped with thorough cleansing. Calcium-activated PRP is injected via syringe and applied topically with dermaroller. Dermaroller creates microscopic channels that allow the PRP to penetrate deep into the skin on the scalp where it stimulates the growth of hair follicles and creates new blood vessels. Occlusive dressing is then applied to the scalp and photomodulation (ie Photodynamic therapy is used to further enhance the effects of PRP. Although results vary between patients, we have greater than 80% success rate based on patient satisfaction and clinical outcome.

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