Skin So Smooth You Could Have Been Photoshopped

The quality of our skin is a matter of national obsession. The number of airbrushed, doll-like models in the glossy mags are a great source of active envy. But despair not! This supposedly unattainable airbrushed look is something you can approximate well enough without resorting to cans of spray paint or trowels of makeup. As crucial as skincare is, it’s worth putting that extra bit of willpower into perfecting your skin. After all, Da Vinci didn’t paint the Mona Lisa on bog-roll.

The first step to any skincare routine is always to cleanse, and first among the queen of cleansers is surely Eve Lom. Eve Lom cleansers will always leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth and fresh. You may even find yourself leaving out other products you once swore by: some find that they no longer need toners and foundations. Building on the success of the cleanser range, Eve Lom are also diversifying into moisturisers, masks, spot treatments and eye creams and these come highly recommended.

Aesop skincare formulas are great if you’re particularly interested in botanical solutions, free of unnatural compounds. The Aesop range is also very diverse, running beyond facial creams to full body cleansers, body balms, lip balms, deodorants and beyond.

And it’s always worth thinking about the future. Whatever age you are, it’s never too late to work anti-ageing creams into your skincare routine. Perricone MD is the ever expanding beauty range from Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a published dermatologist who has written many papers on the subject of skincare. Perricone products aren’t just preventative: they also correct and repair wrinkles and other features of ageing.

If you make these changes to your skincare routine, you can then make far more easy and cheaper changes to your lifestyle to see truly transforming changes. Get plenty of sleep (8 hours). Drink more water. Eat less red meat and walk, run or jog for at least thirty minutes a day and you should be there.

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