Speaking Of Human Hair Lenthening – Different Attachment Methods

There are a lot of variants of attaching hair strands in your hair. The first item to consider is what sort of extension you are planning to get. A strand at a time is also called strand by strand and means selecting a strand of your own hair and fixing a strand of hair extension using one of the ways mentioned later. A weft is a band of hair stitched together, ready to be taped onto your hair (excellent for providing immediate length and usually not so expensive as personal strands).

The most general ways of attaching hair lengthenings are the next ones:

# Weaving – you usually visit the salon for this task and the specialist will section you hair to make rows, on every corn row, human hair lengthenings are sewn onto chosen strands of your own hair utilizing a needle, close by your head. Your hair strand will generally be pulled rather tight to get an appropriate fixture, thus this may be rather uncomfortable. Such option of attaching hair lengthening is as usual preferred because of the idea that there are no chemicals utilized. The hair extensions will need to be constantly examined for looseness, and tighten again if there is a need for it.

# Bonding – This way utilizes glue to fix a hair lengthening to your hair, as a rule strand by strand. The extension is attached close to the scalp. The majority of extensions can be removed utilizing a remover to dissolve the glue.. Some times acetone is utilized.

# Fusion – can be cold or warm fusion, link fusion or fusion loops. This is where prepared extension hair strands are coated with a chemical that “fuses” with your own hair when treated using an applicator gun. The extension can also be fixed using a l ring which is tightened around your hair strand and the lengthening strand to keep them fixed. These are generally done in a salon and may need to be tightened, if they start to loose or taken off (when finished with) by the specialist.

# Clip-ons -the simplest to attach to your hair and take out again. The extension can be clipped into your hair as close to the base as possible. Clip ons are usually made of cheaper quality hair and should be taken out before washing hair.

Important items to think about attachment methods.

Are you planning a permanent or temporary hair extension style. A permanent hair style change as a rule implies several visits to your salon to get the human hair extensions properly attached and constant appointments to look after them after wards. The human hair lengthenings will have to be looked after attentively to have them looking good, this can mean less frequent hair washing using a good conditioning sort shampoo. A temporary style change may as usual be put in at home, the hair extensions are removed when not needed and reused as demanded.

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