Step Away From The GHDs Ladies, Curls Are Big This Winter!

The cold and windy weather of winter can make maintaining a sleek, straightened hairstyle throughout an entire day a big challenge. You might think that maintaining a curly style would be even harder but stray, flyaway hairs are more forgivable amongst a mass of spirals. Even if curls relax towards the end of the day (though there are many products available to combat this), hair twists create a sweet image and give an impression of warmth great for the season of cold weather!

Even the celebrities most in love with their hair straighteners like to embrace curly hair styles now and again. These days, it is rare to see international superstar Beyonce with her natural afro framing her head but when she does embrace her curls, she is lucky enough to be capable of pulling of both corkscrew tight styles and sleeker, wavy styles. As a lose guide, naturally straight hair looks its best in loose curls whereas hair that has an existent, natural curl can benefit from curly hair products that aim to tighten and perfectly define coils.

This general guideline is observed perfectly by Girls Aloud singer/X Factor judge Cheryl Cole and Nip/Tuck actress AnnaLynne McCord. Cole with her long, naturally straight barnet likes to experiment with loose curls and waves which frame her heart shaped face perfectly. McCord on the other hand has a naturally loopy bouffant and as such, uses products and tools to accentuate her voluminous, curly hair majority of the time. When McCord does straighten her, it looks ill-fitting, not to mention, far less exciting (at least in my opinion).

When it comes to curls, you’re best off experimenting with the different possible looks. A hair tool that enables you to try out many different curls types is ideal. Try experimenting on a day or evening where you have no immediate plans any style blunders you make won’t have to be seen in public!

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