Surface Peeling For Improving The Appearance Of Scarring

People that make up their mind to look for solutions for removing acne scars, or any of a variety of surface skin blemishes that result from acne, wounds or weight changes, can find too many options that promise to be the answer. Usually, these solutions involve removing layers from the skin. Some stronger and more effective treatments are micro dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and chemical skin peels. Milder treatments include frequent exfoliation with concentrated skin conditioners, and prescriptions that generate cellular turnover. As a note, it is of critical importance to avoid simultaneously doing several heavy peels because it is very risky. A regime with optimized intensity and frequency of a single treatment type must be completed before commencing with a different one. Also, having two different modalities of peels in close succession can also remove too much skin, which could cause serious health issues. When having these treatments also keep in mind to have peels performed with the safety for the skin area treated by eliminating potential skin contamination and sunlight, especially during peak hours of the day. If you must cannot avoid sun exposure, use a high protection-factor sun lotion, and if possible wear a hat and sunglasses. And for best recovery from peels always eat healthy meals, and provide the skin with intense conditioning with antioxidant rich serums.

The best suited choice for leveling surface imperfections from stretch marks and minor scarring is in our opinion microdermabrasion, because it uses lateral force which is more aggressive on the higher surfaces in the skin, but other treatments may also perform satisfactorily at reducing their appearance. Acid based peels corrode the surface layers of the skin, and need to be done by a competent skin specialist who cares about the client, because if the acid is incorrectly timed or applied, it can represent a serious risk for the skin in both health and appearance. Acid peels are very quick and may provide somewhat dramatic results. Existing mild peels are usually made with natural fruit or vegetable acids, which are much safer and provide good results that are not as dramatic. The mildest professional exfoliation peels use vegetable enzymes that are extremely safe, and are effective at exfoliating dead skin cells in minutes.

Home skin care treatments could include solutions like intensive exfoliating with a series of enzyme peels, followed by vitamin – E treatments and moisturizing. Skin care products such as Cellcosmet’s moisturizer Lightener XT, can deliver great results for reducing hyperpigmentation spots and the visible contrast along the edges of scars. These regimes can provide significant improvement in appearance of skin imperfections, and are solutions that do not need prescriptions, or having a skin professional to implement them.

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