The Bare Basics Of Organic Beauty

Through the ages nature has been trusted to provide ingredients that could be used to enhance our natural beauty and to take care of our skin. Organic ingredients and minerals have been used by women through the centuries as makeup, skin care and to enhance their looks. In the last century new makeup and skin care products were developed by mankind and billions is spend on cosmetics every month.

Studies and tests have shown that most current cosmetic products contain dangerous levels of chemicals and hazardous material. There are virtually no restrictions on the ingredients that may be used in personal care products since the FDA cannot require safety testing of products before they are sold to the public. Some cosmetic companies are driven by profit rather than a concern for human health and well-being. The result is that some personal care products are often filled with synthetic and hazardous chemicals.

How do you protect yourself?
• Read the labels of products and learn what goes into the products you are putting on your body on a daily basis.
• Switch to organic products.
• Pressure the FDA and USDA to adopt safety standards for personal care products.

What are the benefits of using organic cosmetics?
• It is suitable for all skin types.
• Organic cosmetics do not contain any chemicals or synthetic material.
• It is very safe to use.
• The products are not tested on animals.
• It is environmentally friendly.
• It naturally moisturizes the skin and protects it against the sun.

There is as slight difference between natural make up and organic makeup. Natural makeup is used to describe make up that is derived from plants, or the earth in its natural uncontaminated form. Organic makeup on the other hand, is got from plant derivatives and manufactured organically to create the organic cosmetics. The difference is not too huge and both mean pretty much the same thing.

There are over 100,000 chemicals registered in the European market, most of which have never been tested or barely tested for safety on humans, or their impact on the environment. Chemicals found in skin lotions, deodorants and hair dyes have been linked with tumors, cell mutation, allergies, reproductive complications, endocrine disruption and even cancer.

It makes a lot of sense to change to organic beauty products. Organic makeup is very safe to use and contains only natural ingredients. We started to move away from organic cosmetics and organic skin care within the last century and the effects of the chemicals and synthetics used in cosmetics are only now starting to become common knowledge. The users of organic cosmetics proclaim that the health of their skin improved visibly and that they suffered no skin irritations since changing over to organic products. Isn’t it time for a change?

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