The Best Skin Care Really ?

In the world of marketing cometic statement like the “best skin care” has been replaced by glossy ads featuring famous faces that shout the same message. We tend to think that if a star or anther is in an advertisement promoting a product for skin care there must be some, yes, that meant that the best skin care because we know that we are not famous face trick, right? Well, that answer is exactly what the marketing in Madison Avenue shops.

They do a lot of research before hiring a famous face for their elegant, glossy ads. The star must have a lot of credibility with their fans and their fans must be their audience. You can always tell when a cosmetics company has a small budget, they may have an older or less relevant begins to act as their “face” to their competitors, a higher current relevant stars. And sometimes these current timely, relevant stars are perhaps not the most attractive place to work. Remember when all directors and cosmetic care faces were as professional models. It is only recently that the switch is high check-bones total professional recognizable faces. But this strategy has worked very well. Celebrity skin care and cosmetic products are at an all-time. Even celebrities have information related to advertising their products. Only very low contributors in cosmetic marketing moves that have millions of dollars are left without a face … Good luck to them … right? Everyone or should I refer every cosmetics company still refer to themselves as having the best skin care. First I want to define what the term best skin care. This really means nothing. It’s just a business review of their products. Nothing and nobody can say it is best of that product or service offered or sold. It is a term that should be supported or backed by evidence, is just a mere opinion.

Well, maybe these young players in the cosmetics market, it is not having or not having paid celebrity endorsements may be those who make regarding the products. Perhaps the marketing strategy for these small pieces are on the product. Imagine if you had a small cosmetics company and could not afford the luxury of a celebrity face of your only other option would be to put all your energies to make the best product for your client, based on marketing most powerful all … word of mouth. It is the right word-of-mouth can be the best way to discover the best care product skin. Think for a moment. No celebrity endorsement paid to screw your mind, not hero worship with mouth to mouth. The product should work, pledge, and he keeps repeating those results for you, your friends and those you care about your surprise to find too.

I do not usually find the best products for skin care may not be in front of a celebrity attached to it. Celebrities can use it, but you never know if they are “free” to reveal the secret. But I think that companies that are product oriented and not hire a celebrity to provide some of the best skin care products on the market. Many of these products are sold in selected markets, perhaps local, is also a great source of great skin care products for direct marketing company that many of them sell the best products for skin care.

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