The Different Types Of Hair Extensions

If you have ever wondered why one day you see a newspaper photo of Paris Hilton with shoulder length hair, then the next day another photo of her with long flowing locks, then unless she has discovered an extremely successful hair growth tonic, she is using hair extensions to lengthen her hair. People have their hair extended for various reasons, celebrities love it because it means that they can change hair styles as often as they change outfits, and other people get their hair extended as it is much easier than waiting 6 months for your hair to grow.

Although there are a number of different types of hair extension, the primary distinguisher is the hair’s origin. The origin of the hair can either be man-made in a laboratory, or natural, human hair grown, cut, and then sold to distributors. It is generally accepted that natural human hair is the better of the two as it lasts much longer, or more specifically, is more manageable for a longer period of time, and it is easier to style. Finding a suitable color and type match to your current natural hair is also much easier with human hair. Where the hair comes from is also a factor to consider as it has a large bearing on the quality and price of extensions. Hair grown from an Asian head is generally courser than European hair and is therefore a little more difficult to manage, making it less expensive to buy.

Man-made synthetic hair or technically, synthetic fiber, is usually made from Kanekalon or Toyokalon, though the synthetic materials differ depending on the brand of hair. Synthetic fiber is widely manufactured across the world and is relatively cheap to acquire, though there are a number of disadvantages to using synthetic hair instead of natural hair. One major drawback to synthetic fiber is that it can not withstand heat to the same degree as human hair and therefore curling, straightening or even blow-drying the hair is ill-advised as it will singe in anything except low heat.

On top of these two types of hair, extensions can be attached to your hair or scalp in different ways also with benefits and drawbacks for each depending on the thickness and length of your current hair. One of the easiest methods of attaching hair extensions is by using clips which are attached to curtains of hair. These clips can be fastened and removed relatively quickly and painlessly and do not damage your natural hair. Another type of hair extension is single hair pieces which are small bundles of natural of synthetic hair that is bonded to your hair either by melting the synthetic hair or by using a bonding agent. This type will take a lot longer to fasten but the results are much less detectable and look a lot more natural.

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