The Easiest Methods Of Hair Removal.

According to current canons of beauty, a woman should not have hair on the face and body. And although some advanced libbers cut a wide swath with shaggy legs, not wanting to indulge baser male preferences, the majority of Americans, not sparing strengths and means, destroy undesirable hair. At first glance, it’s not difficult to do, given the huge variety of all possible means of hair removal on the shelves of shops. In fact, everything is much more difficult.

If you see the advertising information to the preparations and devices for hair removal, the situation seems quite iridescent. Almost all of the promotional materials promise smooth skin for a long time and without side effects. Nevertheless, the real problem of hair removal has not been decided, and the ideal method is not created. To destroy undesirable hair on the body is so complicated as to stop the loss of hair on the head since hairs live their own life, and physiology of growth and loss still conceals a lot of secrets.

There are a lot of methods to combat with unwanted hair – both relatively low-price and very costly. We consider the simplest and cheapest of them.


Hair follicles that generate hair lie in the recess of the skin, so surface impacts do not touch on them. And if the hair shaft will be cut with a shaver, that part which is located in the skin continue to grow. In this case there would not be a great disaster – because execution can be repeated if necessary. But due to the fact that the core is crippled, often growing hair curls, and its free end grows inwards the skin, damaging it inevitably. On the place of ingrowth a painful inflamed protuberance forms (such a condition is called pseudo folliculitis). For some women pseudo folliculitis becomes a huge problem, since shaving makes the skin smooth only for one day and then it reddens, is covered with inflamed pustules and tubercles that makes the next shaving impossible(or any other method of hair removal) for some time.

To prevent ingrown hairs it is recommended the use of products containing alpha hydroxy acids (e.g. glycolic acid). Some experts advise to water the skin after shaving with a solution of aspirin.

Depilating cream.

Depilatory creams contain thioglycolic sodium salt (or potassium) – an agent that weakens the connection between the hair keratin fibrils, so that the hair is easily destroyed. Unlike shaving, cream ruins not only the superficial part of the hair, but also a part of the shaft, in-depth into the skin. Notwithstanding, after depilation, as well as after shave, the hair not only grows rapidly, but often grows into the skin, causing pseudo folliculitis.


Hair on the face and hands can be done almost imperceptible with special bleaching creams. Modern creams are composed in order to discolor the hair in a short time with minimal skin irritation. And yet, the preliminary skin test is mandatory. It should also be kept in mind that bleached hair may look ugly on tanned skin.

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