The Ideal Eye Brows For Your Face

We know that people interpret one another in a fuller way by using non-verbal cues from our expressions and appearance, but what do eye brow design services have to do with it? We are programmed to seek out intentions and feelings, to give us a better chance of survival. It is just the way we connect. And the most meaningful emotional exchange between people will invariably happen face to face. Although it may seem hard to believe, people are naturally drawn to eyebrows while we are in conversation, making them many times one of the cues that speaks loudest. Eyebrows give information regarding a person’s position, attitudes and intentions. In very much the way as our choice of hair cut and coloring speaks about us. People who are confident, sexy, stylish, or sophisticated, will usually show it in their brow design and shape. On the other hand, irresponsibility, low standards, lack of control, and being a victim of circumstance will also be evident in the eyebrows. The information is used to set the stage for any subsequent communication. If eyes are the windows to the soul, eye brows are the frame of the picture.

Eyebrows are a crucial part of any beauty regime, and what a rush it is to have great brows! A beautiful and attractive glance cannot be delivered without them. The fact is that eyebrows can be a source of power.

What makes eyebrows perfect? The answer is probably different for each person depending on what they have to work with and the influence they wish to have. For most people though, eyebrows must have balance with the size and shape of the face, have a clean, crisp look, that ties into their style. Nature dictates the limits of what is possible, by having or not the fullness of eyebrows for making a particular shape, having a very pronounced bone contour beneath the brows, or not having the length to take the brow shape into the ideal direction. The most important aspects of customized eye brow design are:

Start and end points
Arch shaping selection
Eye brow thickness
Shape of the starting point

The best place to start the eyebrows of almost any style, will probably be just a touch in from a point directly above the edge of the pink triangle at the innermost corner of the eye, and is fairly easily determined using any straight tool like the tweezers or brow comb. The ending point is not as standard, and can be repositioned to create a number of effects. Commonly it will be all the way at the end of that natural outline of the shadow in the eye cavity. Another general guideline for the natural ending point, is to overlay a straight edge from the widest (and lowest) point of the nose, and passing over the outer edge of the lower eyelid. The ending point will be in the extension of this straight line, at the point it crosses the correct eyebrow arch. Although for many people this dimension can be accurate, there are still many people for whom it will not work.

The selection of the shape for the arch is the factor with the single largest impact on the overall results and look of the brows. Within the conditions imposed by the brow natural shape, the highest extreme of the arch usually should be directly above the outermost border of the iris, even when it is not centered in the eyebrow. A common shaping technique is to clear the span from the starting point of the eyebrow (at the nose) to the highest point, reducing the brow width from the top, and from the highest point of the arch to the end of the brow from the bottom, but the resulting shape may not be optimal for many women. The smoothness of the curve at the end of the brow gives an appeal of elegance, while a more abrupt curve creates an effect of mystery. The span from the starting point to the tallest point is where we suggest our intentions. When the lower edge of this section is arched up, the person will seem innocent, and even submissive, and when it bows downward, the appeal shifts to a more aggressive feel. If the segment of the arch is straight, it creates a look that is determined, confident, bold and assertive.

Denser brows are more natural and casual, and a decreasing thickness gives a normal look, and thinner brows produce a look that is more risqué and artificial. A uniform fullness of the section in the beginning reinforces the highest point of the arch adding a sinister hint.

The point where the brow begins at is usually thicker than the rest of the brow, and can also be given a shape that can have additional appeal. A vertical inner extreme of the brow ending in sharp corners at the top and bottom makes the brows look very modern, while a vertical edge that has rounder corners provides an appeal that is a blend between conservative and trendy, and a rounded starting point is traditional.

Although it can be daunting to newcomers, there is amazing power in the successful blending of the elements above. Sinless Skin, a high-end skin care spa that specializes in eyebrow design, has a photo on their web page of eyebrows in their proper placement, that have a combination with rounder tips to the beginning line’s edge, a somewhat fuller thickness shaped with a constant width up to the highest point, and a short curve out to the end. The image is a great illustration of the ideas presented. The combination in the shape creates a natural appeal that is clean, crisp, feminine, bold, assertive, and confident, with a sinister hint of intrigue, and is a perfect example of the power of eye brows that create a statement of sexy elegance that commands attention.

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