The Many Materials Of The CHI Straightening Irons Create Comparable Results Employing Different Technology

One of the best known beauty brands currently is the CHI straightening Irons. The Houston based company has firmly entrenched themselves in that market and continue to bring innovative products. Their products use novel and revolutionary material that is changing the very essence of straightening irons. There’s several different CHI straightening irons available and many use different technology the different CHI straightening irons available use different technology. The essential differences lie in the material used for the plates.

Technically speaking, what cause the bending or curling of the hair by using straightening irons is involves the breaking of the hydrogen bond. This is process that makes the hair stretch and does not allow it to bend again. When you are using a Chi iron or any comparable one this is precisely the process that is occurring.

Ceramic is now the most common material used for the CHI straightening irons, but tourmaline and nanotechnology is also used. Ceramic is a great material and heats up fast and does not allow moisture to interfere in the strengthening process. One of the properties of ceramic is that it distributes heat evenly. Moisture is the cause of hair reverting back to curly state. Just like ceramic, tourmaline heats up quickly and also distributes heat evenly.

The new technology being used for CHI straightening irons is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has other benefits besides braking the hydrogen bond as with the other material, but in addition it is able to eliminate germs that may be in the hair. This is the most hygienic straightening iron and you do not have to sterilize it since the iron does it itself.

There are various CHI straightening irons and the results achieved depends on which one you use. You should choose one that satisfies you desires and needs With the variety of CHi straightening irons there is certainly one for your needs. CHI is constantly innovating and bringing new products to the market. Their straightening irons are preferred and recommended by many professional stylists. One thing is certain that the new technology is making it easier to get better results when styling your hair as well making it safer. There many good reasons to consider CHI straightening irons.

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