The Untold Secrets Of Waxing Hair Removal Treatment

Are you looking for a quick and budget friendly hair removal treatment? There are several measures that can help you get rid of unwanted hairs without investing that much. You may opt to do shaving where the hair is primarily trimmed; plucking where unwanted hairs are pulled out using tweezers. You may also choose to have hair removal creams. You can easily find one by simply checking the market for some quality cream products. Another convenient and affordable measure is waxing.

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal measures among men and women. Basically, there are two types of waxing. These involve hot and cold waxes. For warm waxes, a wax mixture is spread on the skin. It is advisable to apply the wax in the hair’s growth direction. Then, a piece of paper or cloth strip is to be placed on it. In contrary, for cold waxes, pre-made strips are already available. You just need to provide a little friction to generate some heat for better hair adherence. Either ways, once the wax has grasped enough hairs, pull off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Proper waxing should be done to ensure that even the hair follicles are surely and effectively removed.

Waxing as a Hair Removal treatment all has its pros and cons. One of the reasons why it has been popular choice in hair elimination is its convenience. With waxing, you can quickly say bye to unwanted hairs. Furthermore, it is recommended on large body areas. This inexpensive method, though short term, may also cause eventual permanent hair elimination when done frequently over time as it damages hair follicles. In contrary, if waxing is preferred, you have to keep long hair on the desired area before treatment. Approximately, at least ¼ inch length of hair should be maintained before the procedure. also, it shall be emphasized that it can only provide short term results. For about two to six weeks, it can keep the body are hair free. Also, it is important to stress out the “wax on, wax off once” rule in waxing. This means that once you have waxed the area, though there are unwanted hairs left on the body part, you should not wax it off again as it may cause skin irritation and bleeding. Also, this measure may not actually be as easy as expected as it may seem messy and difficult at times. Hair breakage may also happen when done improperly. With this, proper trainings, practice and skill apprehension, working with wax will eventually be easier that before.

Generally, waxing is considered as a semi-permanent Hair Removal treatment. It is commonly used in areas like legs, thighs, under arms, eye brows and bikini lines. All in all if you are interested in taking waxing as your chosen hair removal method, it is a tip to avoid wearing tight clothing newly treated areas to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Taking showers prior to waxing should also be avoided. Keep these points and take your trip to the nearest market, cosmetic and wellness shops and clinics for the best wax products.

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