Tips To Grow Nice Hair

If you have to deal with damaged brittle hair that means you haven’t been following the right hair care choices. This article will tell you how to treat your hair correctly.

One of the damaged brittle hair causes is poor nutrition. If your hair is brittle you probably neglect its vitamin supply necessary for healthy hair growth. The vitamins your hair needs are biotin, vitamins B1, B6, B12, C and E. All these will also improve the quality of your skin and nails, since these are all skin products. You can either increase your fruit and vegetable intake or get liquid vitamin supplements available at pharmacies. If you opt for the latter choice, be careful not to exceed the daily vitamin dose as it can backfire on your health.

Next on the list of damaged brittle hair products are shampoos and conditioners. Look for those that will maintain the pH balance of your skin and that are suitable for your hair type. Usually salons will know what to recommend to you. Many people opt for oil based conditioners designed for dry hair. Only a little bit of these conditioners in your hair can moisturize it sufficiently. Furthermore, you should add an astringent cleaner to your regular shampoo once or twice a week, to open up the pores and cleanse your scalp from dirt. Good scalp stimulation is also an occasional scalp massage which you should do with your fingertips.

Gently scratch the scalp while you wash your hair and the blood flow in it will be enhanced.

Some people recommend using Mira Hair Oil shampoo with a suitable conditioner and an astringent cleaner as they claim it provides amazing scalp cleaning. However, if you are too lazy to think about all these treatments, you can just cut your hair short so it gets thicker and healthier. It is up to you.

As you can see, it is fairly easy to tackle damaged brittle hair successfully. Take your vitamins and condition your scalp, and you will be on the right track to beat brittle hair.

I like Mira Hair Oil shampoo and conditioner with my astringent cleaning because the combination of the two really gets the scalp tingly clean. Then I use regular Paul Mitchell products for my regular cleaning regimen

Be patient and persistent as hair grows slowly and immediate results are absolutely impossible. Although some retailers claim that their products work overnight, do not believe them. This is not true. Sure, there are oils that help hair grow, but this takes time. If someone promises you that a product you are about to buy will yield results in 3 days, do not believe it. There is no magic. Besides, you can even get your hair hurt by low quality products.

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