Two Ways Of Hair Removal On The Face.

Currently there are many various technologies for epilation, fitting for any part of the body and skin type, so the unwanted hair on the face should no longer be an insoluble problem for women. If you are determined to get rid of hair in one session (and to pay for this rather a big amount), try electrolysis or photoepilation. For those who do not want to spend the extra money and is willing to care of the problem area on a regular basis, there are techniques such as wax, plucking, and others. All these methods are accessible and can be used as in a beauty salon and at home.

This article – is a brief description of two popular methods of disposal of undesirable hair. To achieve a good result for the long term, it is necessary only to choose a continuous method that will fit you in quality and price, frequency of repeating the procedure and the level of skin irritation.

If you made a decision to get rid of the hair once and for all…

1) Electrolysis.

Every hair follicle is handled separately with a special needle, penetrating to the root hair and transmitting a weak current to it. This destroys the hair, depriving it of opportunities to grow again.

Notwithstanding this method of hair removal may take a big period of time (some persons require hours of session, the other – periodic procedures for a couple of months), electrolysis provides a long lasting result and is considered the safest method of hair removal.

The negative sides of the procedure include soreness of the procedure and its high cost. For example, to remove hair from upper lip will take up to 10 hours, and chin will take near fifteen hours. For people whose hair is stiff and grows rapidly this duration can still lengthen. To finally win the nature, be prepared to pay for the procedure from 25 to 100 Euros per hour. The total cost of the procedure depends not only on the cost of an hour of the master-hand and the area of handled area, but also on your hormonal level that impacts on the hair growth.

2) Laser or photoepilation.

Small beams of light intensity affect the hair follicles, causing them to stop growing the new hair.

One seance of laser therapy leavens thousands of hairs, so for complete removal of unwanted hair in one area it will be necessary from three to six séances. Unlike electricity, the impact of the laser is less painful and does not take much time. For example, the impact on the upper lip usually takes about a minute, and the chin will be smooth in less than five minutes. Nevertheless, the quick result will last for a long time, and when you achieved the desired result, it is not necessary for you to visit the beautician.

However, laser hair removal cannot be regarded a universal method of hair removal. After all it is – the most costly way of the above. One session can cost up to $ 500, while the quantity of required séances often reaches six ones. Worrying about the result, do not forget about the time that you spend by choosing the other method.

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