Vitamins and Supplements — GROW & STRENGTHEN Nails, Eyelashes, Hair, and Immune System!

** UPDATE UPDATE ** vitamin video (hair, skin, nails, immune support, LOSE BELLY FAT naturally) GELATIN: Nail Growth BIOTIN: Hair Growth MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): Eyelash Growth (and also joint support) CHLORELLA POWDER (also available in tablets): Detox of heavy metals Strengthening of immune system Improve digestion Destroys cancerous cells Normalize blood sugar and blood pressure Fights all infections SPIRULINA POWDER (also available in tablets): Contains the greatest concentration of nutrients known in any food, plant, grain or herb. The highest protein food The highest concentration of B-12 and Iron Rich in anitioxidants Boosts energy and cellular health (high in B-12) Excellent for curing anemia, fighting cancer, and aiding with memory and cognition (incldg. Alzheimer’s patients) Fights all infections For each powder: 1, Mix 1T with a “swig” of Grape Juice or any juice that has a strong, overpowering flavor… 3Xs daily around meal time. 2, Pinch your nose and down it!!! (the taste is kinda like cod liver oil. If you can’t stand it, definitely research the tablets.)

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