Vitamins for Faster, Thicker & Healthier Hair Growth

You can use vitamins to grow your hair longer and faster Watch this video to Learn my secret and you’ll always remember to take your vitamins/ supplements **you’ll love it tooooo 🙂 Be sure you are lol 😀 w/me NOT at me ♥ I’m currently taking: Biotin(Vitamin Shoppe brand), Children chewable vitamin( DG brand), & I add a clove of Garlic to every meal I cook to help REDUCE**not stop SHEDDING far so good 🙂 -I’ve been taking them consistently 1x/day What work for me may / not work for you, so becareful when it comes to any vitamins, supplements etc. ****WARNING**Please note: I’m NOT a physician*** consult your physician prior to taking any vitamins, supplements, etc. suggested** check out my **Dont forget to follow **If you have any, suggestions, comments, request, video response go ahead and post them below… Dont forget to Rate & SUBSCRIBE!♥ -♥Essie Tomorrow I will have a protective style/ V-DAY hair style video up**Stay tune**Go ahead and SUBSCRIBE ☺

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