Waxing Benefits With Cold Waxes

Just as with any other craft or trade, wax hair removal services have had their share of evolution and innovation. We have all probably heard that new waxes that have been developed use different application methods, supplies and equipment. The question that may still remain is, what is it that makes these new waxes better than the traditional methods of waxing?

Waxing has historically been done using a sugar or honey based wax. This wax is heated to make it runny, and applied with a wood applicator in a very thin layer onto the skin. It is then covered with a muslin strip that is pressed down to adhere to the wax, and yanked off removing both the wax and the hair. New waxes are often referred to as “hard wax”, “cold wax”, or “strip-less wax”, and are applied at a lower temperature, with a thicker consistency, as opposed to traditional waxes that are heated all the way up to temperatures needed for them to be liquid that is absorbed into the muslin strips. Newer wax are applied in a similar manner, but in a layer that is very thick, and is then removed by pulling from an edge of the wax itself, instead of a muslin strip. Although it doesn’t look like a significant difference, it is. Those who remove their hair with strip-less waxes won’t return to strips.

Benefits of hard waxes are many. For example, the thick layer of wax can surround each hair from all sides, for a more positive grip, making the hair removal more effective, and thereby needing less reapplications. The less pulls needed, the quicker and less painful it will be to finish. The lower temperatures make the application more comfortable, and safer, because human variations in the temperature are less likely to cause scalding, which is another important benefit. Hard wax also will usually not adhere to the skin as much as strip waxes, making the pulls safer to the skin, less painful, and minimizing irritation from the process. From the perspective of strictly hair removal, it could be debatable that either wax will perform the job, and many experienced estheticians could claim that strip can be relatively painless, very effective and quick, but it is not the norm, and from the point of view of skin care, the difference is major, and indisputable.

Applying a thick layer of wax is a much more controlled method, that has less chances of removing some of the perimeter hair that is desired, because it is less likely to drip on adjacent skin or accidentally smear from the gloves or some of the higher points of the application spatula. It is also a very precise application because hard waxes won’t spread when muslin strips are pushed into the liquid wax, simply because they do not use strips.

New waxes are also cleaner, because the wax transfers less from one surface to the other. There is a good probability that when the process is over, there will be far less wax residues on the skin. Also, when hard wax comes in contact with clothing, bags, shoes, or other cloth items, it is far easier to remove without penetrating the weave, or leaving stains.

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