Waxing Guide

Waxing basically involves using wax to temporarily remove facial and body hair. The effect lasts for three to four weeks. Hair has to be at least 2.5 mm in length. Salons normally use warm wax or hot wax for hair removal.

Warm wax
Warm wax is always applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against it using paper or cloth strips. This wax works at low temperature and there is less risk of burning the skin. This type of wax does not set on the skin but stays soft and sticky, adhering well to the hair. The most common type of warm waxes are honey wax and cream wax.

Hot wax
The wax is applied at higher temperature against and in the direction of hair growth embedding the hair. As the wax cools, hardens and contracts the hair is gripped tightly. When the wax is removed by hand it pulls the hair from the roots leaving smooth skin. This treatment takes slightly longer than the warm wax treatment.

Waxing Effects and After Care
After waxing, it is very common to experience erythema (redness) due to an increased blood flow to the treated area and some clients may experience in-grown hair. One way to reduce the chances of this is to target the waxed area by exfoliating it a few days (usually 2-3) after, carried on twice weekly thereafter. This prevents the dry skin build up which can block the exit from the follicle resulting in ingrown hair. One should also avoid wearing tight clothing immediately after waxing as this may also lead to skin irritation and possible ingrown hair.

It is very important that you do not apply and fragrance or any type of product that is likely to cause irritation such as talc powder or deodorant at least up to 24 hours after the treatment. Hot bath and heat treatments should also be avoided to avoid possible follicle infections or allergic reactions as the pores are open from the waxing treatment.

Some people may experience a spiky hair growth two to three days after waxing which makes them think that the waxing has not worked very well for them, In actual fact, this is due to very tiny hairs that were not visible on the surface at the time of waxing because these hair would be at a different stage of their growth cycle and are not the ones waxed out earlier. So, one should not be discouraged or disappointed with the results of waxing after the first treatment. It takes regular waxing and at least 4 to 5 treatments before one sees good results in regards of spikiness.

It is also worth noting that women experience lower pain threshold immediately before and during their monthly cycle – this is because the hormones that stimulate the regrowth of the hair are at their most active during this phase. Therefore, it is advisable to consider this fact when scheduling waxing appointments.

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