Which Is Your Tanning Oil To Enrich Your Skin

Have you ever wished you could get yourself tanned without having to sit under the sun for long hours? Your wish can easily come true with the tan sprays that have been launched in the market. Spray Tans ingredients used in tan spray give us the skin a magnificently tanned look. The tan spray is made of natural colour which is free of oil and fertile with water based moisturizers. You must make sure that you have properly gone through all the steps at home to make sure that you receive the best results, before using a tan spray. You must remove the dead layer of your skin by preparing yourself a vegetable sponge and soaking your body in a hot bath with water touching your neck, to start with.While soaking use a soft towel to dip into warm water and place it over your face. A soft towel can be used to dip into warm water and it can be placed over your face.

Tanning Oil

Use take shower and scrub the homemade sponge gently all over your body after a certain amount of time, usually 15-20 minutes. The water used to wash the body must be less in temperature than the one you soaked yourself in.This result in removing the dead layers of the skin as well as the excessive oil from the body.The skin becomes smooth and naturally moisturized, after having done this. The tan spray can be used on your body with the help a thin slice of kitchen all purpose cleaning foam as it is capable of holding enough moisture.This ensure how much can be applied on your body.

It is really important that the tan spray does not touch your nails. For the best results, you must leave the tan spray on your body until it dries.As soon as the tan spray dries up in your body after a shower , make sure that the effect last long than the average time of 2 weeks.For this, apply shower gel and body lotion and keep away from using oily skin moisturizing cosmetics.A number of tanning oils are available in the market.These include Molton Brown Paradisiac pink, Bitotherm Biopur Pore reducer, payot precious relaxing oil, fresh brown sugar body, L’occitane almond delicious, Celler-c Formulations high, Molton Brown blissful, REN Moroccan rose Otto ultra et cetera.The tanning oil contains a mixture of extract from nature and natural colour.Thus there are no side effects. These oils also help the tan effect to stay for several weeks provided they are applied with proper knowledge and in the right amount.

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